Edmond Shallvari ( Albania)

Edmond Shallvari ( Albania)

Edmond Shallvari was born in Korça on July 30, 1957. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Tirana University, in 1982. He made his debut in poetry and short stories at the age of 12 and continued to write throughout his university years with a focus on economics and philosophy. He is the author of many poetry and short story collections, which have attracted reviews by many critics and have received various national and international literary prizes. Shallvari’s work has also been published in periodical magazines which praise him as a contemporary author whose vision surprises and charms the reader, living a long-lasting impression, creating a niche of his own in the field of letters. Currently, Edmond Shallvari is in the process of releasing five volumes of poetry and a book comprising psychoanalytic stories entitled “The Mystery of News”. These new collections, together with “Our Metamorphosis”, translated in English by Alfred Kola, are available only via Amazon.


Our metamorphosis

To me a wrinkle was added, mystify?!
A grey hair to you was added again?
But still in love you and I
Like in the time our love began.

Thicker optic glasses for me to see ?
You grew a year older in age?
But still beautiful you seem to be
There is beauty in every stage.

To me was added another complaint?
You added a “no!” in our bed?
For the next night I have to wait
I know for me you wait ahead.

Another longing was added to me?
You had another dream to add?
Then what! let’s call it a variant to be
That once began, never to end.


A lass Name

They were curls of a strange dream
They were dreams of a common night
Curls that gave my mind a gleam
For those eyes I was mad at sight.

Green eyes never gazed at me
Took me to paradise leas
Paradise never had such lea
Her eyes created the Hyades.

Name, surname I called myself
Whether among images and dreams
Close to me came a real sylph
Life must have fairytale streams.

I must say, curly life’s no blame
In the green, life best abides
If my life took a lass name
Love for you another name hides.


O wave!

Why look at me, O sea wave
I’m not the cliff before thee
That you’d touch, collide and crave
With a woman’s vagary.

Eroding is the cliff in woe
And it is aging before time
And it is thawing like the snow
Like not inhering onetime

What remained with you to save
Besides the comminuted cliff
What changed you O sea wave
Aged and lonely in your riff.

Wish that fate I never have
That was doomed for your friend
Neither a woman like you wave
That brings a cliff to a bad end.


Twin Fetuses

After they took blindness from Homer
Another Odyssey they thought to write
After grabbing tragedy from Shakespeare
A second Macbeth they’d copyright

Before Shakespeare, from Alighieri
They stole every circle of purgatory
And overnight the hell they’d vary
From Cervantes, a twin of Don Quixote

So were challenged the first geniuses
In the absurd world of twin fetuses.

Translation from Albanian into English by Alfred Kola

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