Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
If I ever meet the moon in way to seek destination by pointed arrow to somewhere on highway at mile post
for delve truth of love yet of being never hidden in forest of green deeper than deepest dsrkness of black hole of cosmos untraced
like my timeline hanging over wall of cosmos rooted to brace up song melody to entice passerbye onto mortal journey unstinted.
I may fall in love to cuddle dream shy of gravity for heart to tide over the ocean of joy in quest of gathering warmth into dunes of sands yet awaiting to fly across milky way like blue dusts to instil into soul of universe ….
lest rhythm of infinite quantum leaps up to adore revelation of empathy beaded bt light of love absolute tendered true to accord beauty in corner of touch stone of heart yet least known to none over the centuries tangled to matrix of love.
Yet I do the remember night as sky was in its deepest darkness to open up blue of universe…………
With audacity of hope of conquering I followed behind like shadow to tide holding into waves to surge,…..
I see the sparking images of unstinting blue grasping the grace of to reverberate in vale of gravity.
into eyes of tide spring of dream springs up to embrace
oscillation of clouds awaiting to rain over the quest of warmth yet deferred to reason of no reason……..
Yet l slowly succumbed into deep slumber yet clacking shadow of my dream into airiness to melt into ripples nearbye river yet shy of heaven……….z
as breaking of all dreams of night into no where yet to spree into bournie of white!
In midst of vale of green forest
I happen to see a curve of rainbow
dancing in delight to carve patterns of rain
as art of love stapling into dome of sky.
a glowing portrait of colors regales
like tweaking of lips to dapple silver
kiss of purpled corals yet endowed.
as dazzling spectral scars piercing core.
sparkling white humbly steeps to streak away
to reflect upon ebb as left alone to stand ajar
as silhouette ruffles attiring moss grey
to wake from shore of illusion to spur away.
as I run after the dream of lost vision
words un spelt from within to bespeak love
memoir roles onto traffic square to reminisce
rocking rage to rise into dying light unto fire.
yet drops of falling mist cover grip of sorrow
to sooth the waves of clouds in no man’s land
as I look behind only shadow murmurs to seize hold
like tells of soliloquy of dimming light post.
in response to call upon those halcyon days
it seems like buried absurdity of yester years
even untold to sultry breeze of summer
I simply went into slumber by showers of rain.
.Into blue of cosmos to see and shy of silence treasured in chest land or ocean yet stashed somewhere beyond glance of eyes yet forbidden ….
to peek into greenery meadow of dewfed green to swell in perky swathe of innocence inviolable…
each vibes of shy entreat to entice grasp of wholeness of imperfection to feel nuance of melody rooted in heart to flicker the gloss of completeness yet acyclic lost in consonance of syllables…….
Art of simulation to synchronise dynamics of creation as noble benevolence l do surrender to seek path unto heaven… ….
In trance of delirium joy of ocean tides to touch gleams of white sprinkling from soul of moon for glints of tear to gather into heart of heaven……..
gift of grandeur beaded of solace from shore of dream percolates into core of green to bough in redolent blossom flashes like flow of cascade to reel through centric convergence…
into height of vortex emptiness in a skittery flow levitates to blur for brims of blue by assonance of infinite intimacy as silence melds into summer breeze of evening to smooch rolling upon embodiment of green bequeathing to belong ……..
Yet longing prolongs to pervade all through embodiment until repose to redeem in room of no resonance……….
@dr.subhendu Kar…

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