Poems by Flerida Ambrocio

Poems by Flerida Ambrocio
Who Am I ?
I doubt my existence
who am i ?
Where i came from ?
I doubt if i am a person
Or just a long lost soul
I doubt if i am in heaven
Or just living in a breath-taking sight
of a jungle
I doubt if i am alive .
I doubt, i doubt
Everything i doubt
Until i found God
I saw Him in the wilderness
Of the night
With sparkling light
Millions of stars
Shine in silvery bright.
He smile at me
Then suddenly disappeared
At my sight .
I began to believe
my existence
I’m alive. I found myself
Serving the church
Reading the Good News
During the mass
Spreading the Gospel
of God
I began to appreciate life
I’m happy living with
My neighbor,
With my friends
With my families
With people from
All walks of life
My food was in abundance
Which i firmly believe
Came from God
The Father Alnighty
The Divine providence
Whom i can talk
In the stillness of the night.
Oh Lord, how can i
Thank you for all
Of these ?
My Lord, my God
Let me sing you
Day and night
To praise and honor you
For without you
I am nothing
But just dust in the wind.
Eternal Love
Walking alone at eve
Viewing the fullmoon
Up above with amazing brightness of silvery lights
I have a great delight in the
Wonderful scene above.
” Oh, wonderful moon
Give me the man whom i can share eternal love
Showing his truth and love”
Suddenly i close my eyes
All i can see is the face
Of God showing His
Power might.
God in His mercy
Cares with His words.
He is drawing near spreading his eternal love
Around me wholeheartedly.
What a wonderful sight
Closing my eyes
Before i sleep
Thinking of heaven’s grace
Longing to see
my Lord again.
Melting my tears
face to face
Trusting Him, longing for
Eternal love once again
Seeing footsteps roam
Pleading with Him
To guide me on
To the spirit home
Where i’ll be pure and whole
How i wish to see again
My Lord, my God
While walking at night
Under full moon’s bright
Longing for eternal love
That only God can fill
The emptiness
Deep inside my heart.

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