Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Take an oath be courageous
Be beautiful get rid of jealous
Message from incredible land 
Be loving make your soul grand

Put your hands up
Never quit ,go ahead
Remember Robert Bruce
Who became winner to see spider efforts

Virtues values are good jewels
Learning from pain taste success
Mysterious compassion helpful
To achieve our goal

A caring generous heart
Gets love everywhere
Having Empathy to know all
Consider likes and dislikes

Cheering with administration
Courageous who never quit
Faith is real wealth for all
Be the king of your own spirituality.



Our Eden is full of enthusiasm
Birds are singing sweet soft songs of life
Clear rills are busy to spread charms 
Ah ! Beautiful flower spreading fragrance
Getting I’m nature essence
Wonderful world is only for us
I drink nectar of nature amazed with its taste
What a wonderful sight of smiling blooming flowers
Amazed me these creatures of nature
Rare flowers ,rare animals
Heavenly blessings of love
Ah ! Great creativity and innovative experience of spirituality
What a thrilled journey of literature !
How charming scenes of love !
How happy I’m not know others ?
I smile as flowers smile
I dance as sun rays dance in the sky
I’m laughing whole heartedly
Laugh you have beautiful life.


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