Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa
Do not expect me to thrill on valentine day
Do not expect me to drive my pen forward
He, who has drained love from my heart ,
shall regret it anyway
But the booming seed of love may go ahead
prosper day after daY and grow fat
Alas, tonight I can nolonger sing ardency
Tonight I feel lonely
love is but a shady legacy
Do not expect my pen to run
I strolled the fervent shores
I Think i have never known
what should be done
the outcome is one , a bird that cries
And a bull that snores
A shabby wanderer that perpetually lies
How could I write about roses?
when time mowed down the grass
And made of my garden a mess .
Here am lurking behind the edge
True love I nonetheless pledge
ah …. if ever the torch of love brightens
what has been darkened
by the burden of sadness ?
If ever I see the empty reefs
hugging the waves of loneliness
Hence , I could dance and sway
feasting valendine day .
sehma feb 14 feb 2019

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