Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young



My pages hear as each drop of blood drips
My soul heals as if words be stitches
Rain encircles my mind
Only memories are left behind
Still weak to hold the blade
That caused the pain that never fades
Layer upon layer the fluids have dried
Acceptance of myself I can only rely
Broken I can be to feel such pain
Words enable me to erase the stains.


I Owe This Life

Destined to be nothing in my tiny world of unanswered prayers , I owe this life to my children and the unconditional love they shared .

Rain flooded my days , dark clouds that followed my footsteps cleared at the sound of my firstborn , sun peaked and burned the clouds away , I owe this life to my children , this life that I truly adore .

Filling myself with knowledge from the little people that surround me , gazing with adoration , my reflection is what I see .

My children were my true teachers , wise beyond their years, exposing my strengths while weakening all my fears .

I sailed my ship on the treacherous sea while faithfully by my side , proving to be my three little anchors fighting the most dangerous of tides


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