WAITING / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



Everything remains still
I do not hear the breath
of the wind
among the leaves
the clouds up there
as painted
stay suspended in the sky
distant the memories
of the harmonious melodies
of the birds in the sky
stained with pink and azure
in the morning
the smell of the wet earth
the drops of dew
on the thousand flowers
scattered in the endless fields

Come from afar
sounds and noises
like of a band
of improvised musicians
the dust of fumes
darkening the air
the acrid smell
of the bombs
of the bodies
meal of worms

And silent are Men
closed have their mouths
aware or not
of their guilty silences
without expressions
their eyes
looking afar
maybe waiting
for…….a Godot

@ Maria Miraglia

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