Aditi Raj Jamwal (India)

Aditi Raj Jamwal (India)
Mrs Aditi Raj Jamwal belongs to Dharamshala,Himachal Pradesh in India.She has done her masters in English,B.ed and is a teacher by profession.she topped in the college and with her academic a cumen and excellence has given an impetus to the schools she served and won best teachers award too.Her poems have received various awards in online poetry groups.Few have been published in national and international newspapers and magazines.Her research paper on pictorial poetry has been published.Few of her poems have been published in different anthologies.she is the admin of’ Indian literary forum’ and ‘word wide writers’.She is one of the winner of Bold Gold Pen award and member of world National Writers union Kazakhistan.
Apart from poetry she holds diploma in interior designing and loves to do painting too.
The secret whisper
Defying all odds,
Majestic the tree looked,
While soaring great heights,
Deep rooted it stood.
Anchoring itself to earth,
Reaching for the sky,
Standing firm in raging storm,
Until sunlight blossoms inside.
The magical whisper of that tree,
Did secrets narrate,
If your roots are strong and deep,
You will find yourself stand firm always.
But oh! dear when the roots are in need,
Don’t forget to give your shade,
Feel delighted to shelter it,
For you it has stood long way.
Wish I were a wind
I want to be lost in the wind,
To embrace nature in everything
I want to blow in the direction I want,
To play with leaves in Meadows,
If given a chance.
To the trees I want to be a song,
Bring fragrance to stagnant ponds,
Gazing at flowers,
Dancing together in glee,
I want to feel butterflies fluttering around me.
Every river,every wood just a breath away would be,
Every mile I would fly will seem like inches.
I want to peep the nature
all it concealed,
Touching everyone,everything
Not to discriminate anything.
Oh! I wish I were a wind…..
She is much more
She is a flute song
when she talks,
A forest whose sacredness
you are bond to par take,
when you walk.
She is a white swan
Adding beauty to the misty lake,
Making you look more beautiful,
Drenched when you are
In her faith.
Her blessed eyes are like diamonds
In the stars of matchless skies,
They as if shed divine light.
She is the colour
That influences the soul,
Besides her outerself
She is much more,
A colour that gives love,life and hope.

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