Fred M. Lobo (Philippine)

Fred M. Lobo
(Bio-data: The author is a multi-awarded poet from the Philippines. He was named “World Featured Poet 2017” by the PENTASI B World Poetry Fellowship and now serves as one of its administrators . He likewise landed 2nd place in the “Best Poet-Writer of the Year 2018” Contest of the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU). In his younger years, Mr. Lobo won two poetry contests in the Philippines. He has also written two poetry books and a presidential biography.
The author currently works as professor of the University of the East (UE) and columnist of the Manila Bulletin.)
So oftentimes while the rain pours,
I sing and praise the heavens:
“Thank You, Lord for the rain
That washes away dirt, stress and pains.”
–Fred M. Lobo
Here comes the storm,
Packing strong winds,
Spreading rain and gloom,
Darkening the horizon.
But don’t be overwhelmed
By the raging tempest
For it can be broken by God
Or overcome by the human spirit.
And so goes away the storm
Breaking up or rushing to its next destination
And behold, the sun comes out
Brightening the dim horizon.
The folks wake up from cold slumber,
The green trees gleamed from the hills
And the birds go out a-flying on the shore
As if happily waving to the world.
So let’s keep our faith intact,
The storm will come to pass
And the sun will come out shining
Like God sweetly smiling.
From our hearts and shores
Ring some urgent calls:
It’s time to wake up!
Let peace and love rule!
No more confusion,
No more separation,
No more retribution,
No more revolution.
No more hatred, violence,
No more betrayal,
No more extremism,
No more ethnic cleansing!
Time for more dialogues,
Time for more brotherhood,
Time for more diplomacy,
Time for greater unity.
So as God has ordained,
Think of good solutions,
Forget bloody wars and divisions,
Let peace and love rule!

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