Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


With this idea Cinderella

With this idea Cinderella,
The world can be a better,
Breathtaking, luminous place,
Associated to the moon,
A ministry of elegance,
Sparkling hearts, honey tenderness,
Formidable mighty happiness,
An instrument to bring peace,
A gift from heaven, sympathetic,
Linguistic, companionable, angelic rays,
Creating an image of love,
Likeness, divine magnanimity,
Hearts dancing like spring flowers,
Fabulous wind, bird song delight,
Amorous dance in the air,
Butterfly flying with mirth.


Praising the moon, Cinderella

Praising the moon, Cinderella
Choosing its friendly beauty
The shades of divine blessing
Creating the purest majestic beauty

Praising the moon, Cinderella
The blue night passion, caring stars rendezvous
Nothingness, brightness, shining the garden
Nourishing hearts in pain

Praising the moon, Cinderella
All painted luminous rays from heaven
Understanding eyes burning in fire
Gleaming steadily, descending fascinating wind

Praising the moon, Cinderella
Sleeping under the charming tree, gaze at
Rays, smiling leaves of spring, deep loving affection
A rainbow of laughter, colouring the tent, hearts at mirth.

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