Poems by Neelam Malik

Poems by Neelam Malik


I Look Askance

l look askance
at the humanity for
those who dive
in the jealous nerves
and care not
for their coming ones.

Why your orb looses
its charming cheers
away from the dilapidated?
Inculcate positive vibes,
frame a chain of
commanding love
scattering among
the human hearts
and let humanity
with bliss of compassion
and kindness never die.

Adorn in love light
and crush the satanic
tides of hate and hypocrisy.
I look askance
for l find the
virtues dying.


My Eternal Prayer

Justice and mercy matters
This corporal frame should yearn
For eternal flame and precious light 
A chain of peaceful human hearts .

Attired and crowned with fetching laurels
To the needy to make them shine
How to live a dignified life of self _ love
Live not for personal heights.

Let the unraveled glories be adorned
Screeching screams should be crushed
Come and hug each other to elevate
Dine with ecstatic elegane in space.

Glaciers of pious nectar
Shall melt to deck the human hearts.


My Soul–The Mason

Born in an aura of seer and sages
The ecstatic nector entraps my beautiful vibes
Picking the sprinkled blisses
Amidst the valley of my life
Beauty ruminating
Cleansing the foggy curved clouds.

Roots of the forlorn tree ,beholden
Enlightened;crossing the corporal frontiers
Beauty and truth ,magnified
through the inner rivers ,
flowing out of the melting glaciers
of mundane labyrinths.

But my soul attired in white
Glorifying the crucial claims
of beaconsfield
Sanguine, sagacious syringes
filled with love
Injecting the dying souls
in the realms of
my medicated lands.

Veils uplifted, virgin’s blushes blossom
Adoring the embroiled perplexities in an oasis of divine dwelling
Serene grace as a boundary
Seeds of fruition ,sprouting and
dancing in the lands of mellowness.

My soul –the mason
Love–the bricks
Tranquility castled.

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