Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Let us Preserve Nature for the Good of All!

Sans the places of Nature like park, beach and grass pasture,
Where can a lonely person go for peace of mind in the world?
What a calm, green and solacing atmosphere Nature has given
For the perturbed and complex problem facing being here ever!

Under the hot Sun, green pasture is cool for the eyes to see
And under the green tree, what a great relief one has indeed!
For a person undergoing a lot of hardships in life, the final
Place of resort is Nature with such solacing places only sure!

Nature is heaven amidst of hellish world full of chaos and
Miseries affecting good and well wishing common people only;
For others, Nature has become a great open place of exploitation
To harness natural resources for profit making business ever!

Let humans know this great boon of Nature to be preserved by
Learning from the experiences of suffering people in the world!


The Incomparables in World Literature!

Continuous consistent creative writing of poetry is
Indeed a rare feat possible only by established poets!

Myth making Shelley and laureate epic writing Milton
Are incomparable with others as they are immortal..!
But such great poets of romantic period and restoration
Period of literature are compared with present ones
Like me and all does not undervalue their valour sure!

Comparing me with them is great honour to me by all
Means and only inspiring me to aspire to be so in the
journey of life in the world of literature all love!

Continuously achieving feats like them is a miracle
In world literature, which is left to God’s Grace only
To condescend such a boon to a poet like me here ever
And if such a thing ever happens it is my fortune sure!


Overcoming Unnecessary Tension!

Tension, fear and panic make even a small thing
A big matter to deal with to the extent of avoiding
It to be done so as to feel free to breathe air!

After poise is regained everything seems to be nothing;
This is how many matters are unnecessarily avoided
Due to baseless fear and panic built by tension ever!

Self confidence and endurance are lacking with many
Leading to fall of repute one is supposed to have
Gained by simple adherence to patience sans panic!

Not to spoil and do things with perfection may be
There for the tension and panic coming into one’s life,
But with a matter of fact approach, all can be done well!

Another important thing is familiarity needs to be had
For coping with tense situation to a manageable extent!

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