Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha



Judas gave a kiss
You make men hiss,
Peter cut off an ear
You cause men fear,
Moses parted the sea
You serve cold tea,
Esau sold his birthright
You postpone at night.

Tomorrow is your deck
We stretch our neck
Unleash no heck
Rather, some peck
Although this dreck
Seems like a Keck
But the beck
Can fetch us some feck
If you do not it, wreck.



Unrepentant antagonist
For you, I have this gist
You killed the activist
And spared the rapist,
You folded your fist
And hit the dentist
A high ritualist
That ordained the cultist
An opportunist
That lynched the atheist
Listen, you under the mist,
Everything is amidst
Your wretched list.

Hey, you coupist
The deadliest sadist
That named himself Christ,
You are not here as a tourist
But more of a terrorist
You are not Oliver Twist
Rather a confusionist
You killed the optimist
And crowned the pessimist,
Murdered the analyst
And buried the archivist
Tortured the linguist
Beheaded the psalmist
Imprisoned the hymnist,
And electrocuted the solutionist.

Hey! You coupist
Time up, do not resist
Game over, says the protagonist.



I do not blame you
Because the rodents
The python
The crocodile,
The snake
The monkey
Are all animals
Warm blooded or cold blooded.

I laughed at them
Because I was waiting for you,
I knew of course you would come.

Dear dragon
Merlin and Camelot,
They can perform wonders.

Dear dragon
These ones are learners
They are local, crude and timid
You do world vaults
Foreign currency at that,
I told them yours would be beyond.

Dear dragon
Your twin is lurking
Knocking to jack with a forklift
From Swiss, IMF, ECOWAS, UN,
Maybe 44 or 88 minutes.

I am watching
I am waiting,
We are watching
We are waiting,
News, upon news
Casts upon casts.

The grandmaster just blew it
The cabal-Whistle blower,
Heralding stories amidst movies
Scripts amidst actors.

With the trunk of an elephant
Blowing the trumpet
As I pray him Trump the trumpeter
A composition of melody,
Hope, it ends in harmony.

Dear dragon
In this land of erehwon
Everything is in your bullion.

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