Nour Nasrah ( Syria)

Nour Nasrah ( Syria)
Degree of Faculty of Arts in Translation Department
Tishreen University / Latakia City
Poet/ Writer/ Journalist/ Freelancer Translator
– A membership in The Syrian Journalists Union
– Get prize in a poetry competition from New Delmoun publishing house/ Damascus 2017.
– One book/ A poems collection titled by: “ Jodran Aazela Lesoat”
– Many of articles and translations published in Syrian and Arabic newspapers
– Interview on Damascus radio broadcast.
Urgent Seasons
I feel like overcasting urgent clouds
Which fear the boredom of God,
disturbance for hearing his voice
At night.
It waits to become wetted
with a drowned tune
And to pull out our arranging dates from
Banks of the river.
I disconnect from you
When the last button
Is cut by my teeth,
Like the field’s child
Who goes down on grass
Without worrying about her fall
Or words those she uttered.
So is love
Its banquets become plenty
When the farewell comes true.
My vile shadow
Does not smile to outsiders,
I cry as new pores are open in my skin,
And become the stitches of your nails or teeth
Much easier.
You do not need a huge amount of hate to do
Just fill your quiver with a plenty of memories.
I wonder?
Really hate you?
So why I do still stumble with
The light of your face?
And the laughter of yours
Spoils the foodstuff of my mouth.
And whenever the wind blows
Ignite lantern of anxiety for me.
I do not put the green almonds
In my pocket
But I make of trees
A shade appropriate
To my soul that dumb,
When it copulates an escaped hope.
And you say: come here to fly together
What air would carry us?
And who will raise my dress?
What does it mean to love me?
To pick up all the kisses from my mouth,
I saved for you
I kiss the wound of your mouth
And just satisfy with the salt taste.

One thought on “Nour Nasrah ( Syria)

  1. Closing lines of the poem sum up the poet’s emotions when she says: I kiss the wound of your mouth/ and just satisfy with the salt taste. …
    The poem meanders through the poet’s feelings for love and togetherness and puts them in her chosen words of expression.

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