Sakina S. Dossaji (Kenya)

Sakina S. Dossaji (Kenya)
Sakina S. Dossaji is born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya. Currently residing in Tanga, Tanzania with her husband and 3 children. A teacher by profession, and a poetess by passion, she loves to write poetry, stories, articles and conduct activity clubs for kids. She is the moderator for the world’s most active and qualitative writers forum ‘Motivational Strips’ handling Tanzania. Also, she is a privileged member of World Nations Writers’ Union Kazakhstan and President of Union Hispanomundial De Escritores) Peru, writers’ union (UHE) representing Tanzania.
She is alumni of North American Montessori Centre. She was recently awarded the ‘Global Literature Guardian’ by Motivational Strips and the same endorsed by World Nations Writers’ Union and Union Hispanomundial De Escritores. She is also a recipient of the ‘Temirqazyq’ award selecting the best poet/writer of the world in 2018. The award holds much respect. She has also been in the jury for the much world coveted award ’Bold Gold Pen’ instituted by Motivational Strips.Thus, Sakina holds a very vital part in contributing to qualitative literary practices around the world.
Snow white all around her,
A breath of cold air rushing past,
Frosty trees covered in white,
standing tall,
Picking a ball of ice,
She slid it through her fingers,
Squealing in delight.
Her name echoed
Ringing melodiously weaving
through the trees
A voice she so loved,
Firm yet tender fingers, a blanket
over her eyes,
She knew it was him,
She held him tight
As they kissed amidst the snowflakes,
Sunshine streaming through,
A song in her heart.
Heart to Heart
I have seen desertion,
A heart tinged with worry and pain,
Flesh and blood, apart too soon.
I have seen trials in life,
Especially when there is no hope,
A faith so strong, knowing God is there for all.
I have seen helplessness, but have mustered the courage to go on.
I am not perfect, full of flaws,
Yet I learn and amend my ways.
I have seen the pain of losing friends,
Yet you cannot anchor someone to your heart – A good friend stays.
I have seen ill health and excruciating pain
Yet I have never complained to the Lord.
Life is not a bowl of cherries
Yet I savour its taste like one.
I have been amidst fire
And escaped easily
Such is the blessing of Lord.
I have seen death,
Of a life ending, reminding me to live and let others live and appreciate life to the core.
I have seen floods,
Terrifying my timid heart,
Appreciating the sunshine in life.
All the roses, dew and honey,
Are found just in proses,
And sometimes in the cheeks of my hunny bunnies.
Life is hard,
Never was sane,
Only the wearer of shoes knows it’s pinch.
So sit back when you see me go wrong,
Don’t be too swift to judge me on.
Never speak nor hear what you have not seen,
Be not a back-stabber,
Always hurting hearts and piercing feelings.
If I am quiet, don’t think I’m proud,
Know that I’m going through a wound.
And know when I’m gone
That I’ve treasured friendship bond all along,
I have valued the people in my life lot
Through it all,
You see me smile,
Positive and optimistic,
Ever so hopeful, Persevering,
Loving life,
Loving God’s beautiful creation,
The mountains, waterfalls, sunsets,
And so on
Gentle-spirited, never wanting to hurt a soul.
What is it
That stirs my soul at the
Sound of rain?
It lights up my heart,
Euphoria etched on my face,
And so taps my feet,
In a beautiful hum,
Washing away the residues,
Making room for joy,
Scattered with wet flowers,
The bosom of earth
With a unique smell,
As fresh grass look
Like they have woken up
From a deep sleep,
The sky in a frenzy
Of pregnant clouds,
Unable to hold anymore,
Embracing the earth,
With its shower of blessings,
A beauty to watch,
From your window,
With a cup of hot coffee,
Or how blissful
To toss away that umbrella,
And upturn your face towards the sky
And feel the plush, silver raindrops
On your radiant cheeks,
Just like the way rain erodes the earth,
So does it scoop the emotions
That have lain deep and caked,
Filling in with the cool breeze
Budding tiny red buds of hope,
Laughter and peace,
For our hearts are laden with grief
At times,
Nature has the power to heal,
The mercy in the hands of the Lord,
Sometimes He opens the skies
And floods you with good tidings
And rivers of joy,
Cup it all,
For it is all yours to take.

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