Einstein today / Poem by Hannie Roweler

Einstein today
The difference between stupidity
and genius is that genius has its
-Albert Einstein-
Today a lesson in history laid under the covers
of history and sciences. The reason is the many New Year’s wishes for 2020
this time a nice number 20 and 20 = 2020 divided by an infinite number
of which Einstein says
that everything with the mind does have an end, except stupidity,
this darling of a man.
Nowhere I find a message of peace. We have become wing lamb
for peace, now that one war provokes another and cowardice prevails
– total inequalities fight each other, Goliath and David situations:
Albert Einstein would not agree.
Fortunately, the poets can do well with wishes for a lot of creativity
as what would life be without culture – I can’t live without, I realize at the same time
that on the world map it wouldn’t make any difference –
we have become blind and deaf to our own cultural values
let alone those existing beyond borders, outside the field of vision, the content of which
is completely ignored by those biting themselves into and towards themselves.
Metallic fatigue – a sensible person would think – after all those miserable images
where man is doing the worst to the other man.
Peace. Let us pray for peace. Then if prayer does not help
get connected to the right political party that still considers some interest
of protection and acceptance of all fellow human beings.
Hannie Rouweler

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