Margaret Kowalewska (Poland)

Margaret Kowalewska (Poland)

Margaret Kowalewska, the poetess of love, appears reciting her poems on Vancouver stages. Originally from Warsaw Poland, she found her home in Canada. Her poetry printed in many anthologies. received recognition in international poetry groups. She believes that it is never to late to chase your dreams and not to be afraid to reveal the true yourself..


Angel of your dreams
touches you with love
with a golden touch,
to gleam with the moon
to glow with the sun
to change
darkness to light..
sorrow to happiness..
emptiness to love..
In solitude of night
I look at the sky
Out there, high above
there is a glistening star
It is your love
embedded In my heart
etched in my soul
in letters of gold
written in the ink
of your sacred blood
in eternal song of our souls



Are you seeking my feelings
to embrace your depth
Are you looking for me
to cry in front of my eyes
still being a man
Are you wanting to reveal
your vulnerable site
of being yourself
with honour and respect
Are you looking for my tears
to taste my salt
while kissing me slow
holding me in your arms
Are you wanting
my laughter to ring
with crystal bells
of eternal springs
in your every cell
Are you looking to dive
into my dark past
and paint it with colours bright
Are you dreaming to
swipe me of my feet
and take me far away
where fears cannot be reached
Are you looking for a face
to mirror yours?
You will find it in me
in the reflection of a lake
looking at you lovingly
holding you in embrace
in the candle lights of my dreams



Follow me to the sunsets
where we left
pieces of our soul..

Crimson lips of
skies aglow
calling us
to dink this beauty
bestowed by God..

Follow me
to the scarlet voice of heaven..
Roses on fire touch our hearts
Come closer to hear my heartbeat
dancing in the colours of the sky..

Let me smell your hair
painted by the setting sun
Let’s dance together
in the ocean of lights..

Follow me to the eternal paradise
hidden in the ecstasy of sun
approaching the rapture of night
where our dreams are wrapped
in the veil of love..

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