Expression / Poem by Violeta Marquez

Poem by Violeta Marquez



Of being,
It is your rebirth.
The freedom to speak and see who you are,
or what are you coming from?
I am a different and divine being full
of divine prejudices and light.
I am a splendor and full of feelings,
of light and splendor to the heart.
And my being is simply to follow
in this reality of?
Who I am?
I don’t know, I just know that my being is imagining.
Because the hands of the clock manifest!
And what is a clock for your manifestation?
I wonder that a thousand times.

Expression of being simply because it exists!
It is the freedom to speak and see.
They will always be different from the beautiful and blessed life.
Who are you?
What did you come for?
I am a different being full of light and splendor of heart.

In this reality of me, who is my being?
I do not know!
I just know that being here comes from my superior!
It is the manifestation and well-being of being beyond,
the creation of God
To continue is my manifestation of me, stronger than ever!
Realization of being and living.

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