Poems by Nutan Sarawagi

Poems by Nutan Sarawagi


 I am the wind

Your life is mine
in your absence divine
in it to claim
as to never be mine
for in you I find that infinite wind
that never stops to climb
to find its love
wherever it goes
wherever it winds
for it is the wind
in which it lives
never knowing
when to stop
for it has no halt in you to fault
In it’s failings to love
to never be your love
it just loves you the way
it wants to be bought
never fought.


Let me go

I live in old memories to never go
to tell them in me there love to show
to let me believe in them I row
give me back your love 😢

Don’t ever let me go

as I hold you within me
emitting that glow
that once loved me
now don’t love me anymore

in feelings that were mine
that never failed to grow
Only to tell you
Iove me some more
don’t ever let me go

take me to the shore
Where only you and I live
where life no more flows
in those waves of destiny
that ask for no more …let me go

love me memories do not go
for when you go
I know I am no more.


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