Last Year, This Year / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
Last Year, This Year
Shall we thank the past years for all those who have
walked into our lives
They all professed and added savor to our already flavored full lives
Those gallant, romantic, poetic friendly souls
They are all dear and enthralls.
We love this green planet which carries our feet, weight
Mingling with us the trashes, and clutters that we human have shredded.
Thankful last year was then our future we call our past
This year is another new future for all of us.
We are ardently blessed to have two video cameras
that shoots endlessly all day and all night
While our ears and lips tingling on the “radio smiles and cries” on the streets
Within lies an immensurable treasure in each.
Shall we smile more often, respect more often, love more often
Share more and make more new friends
Let us all be ardently taking part in promoting and propagating
Poetry as our means to encourage world healing and world peace
Delightedly awaits for the tremendous change to break forth
Our hearts would surely burst with anticipation for some ups and downs
Yet, Let’s enchantingly laugh and clap our hands more often
Explicitly freely display our admiration
Mind not the negative insinuation.
Our hearts and spirit unruffled
Expectantly waiting for great things to unfold
For the time that is to come, this years’ future…
World Healing World Peace even at a slow pace
It won’t be elusive at all.
Do you have a better solution?
Eden S. Trinidad
Executive Admin
ETCIT Wechat Dept.
WeChatID: edenstrinidad5
International Vice-President
Jara Foundation Nepal

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