The Seed was Cast / Poem by Miradije Ramiqi

Poem by Miradije Ramiqi
The Seed was Cast
(While I was running away
fromYour – Kosova’s embrace – with warm breath of
burning feelings,
My body was still breathing the fresh scent of Patriotism)
I said…
I want
To return into pain or love
Love ate my fingers
Through touching the ancient walls
There whereTeuta sow glory
The silenced pains
The searched traces
The returning of Alchemy sufferings
On the Great day of oblivion
Albanian sadness
I said…
And I wait
For your presence Cairn
The seed of withered flower
In silenceWhile in covered field
With the autumn plants the innocent Seed
With my people a Bloody
Battle was being Played
I said…
Love broke my anger
In a gloomy night of desperation
As I was looking for tenderness through touch
I was returning to the stunned sadness
I said
RingThen when silence forgets
Break all frames of the time
I wake up from sadness I take with myself the love
Closed for centuries in an Urn
There where pain curses the undisturbed Patience
(My Queen; send me back to the freshness of the Soil,
there where for the first time
I filled my tender childish fist and felt his burden.)
I said the seed was cast
I imagine and feel as many times before
When I am or I am not besideYou
On a cold winter day Fog bitterly cold
Warmness of the word and the boiling of warm breath
I wanted or I didn’t wanted I said
Wrapped in the cloak of time I count
Until love’s coming
Days years events horrors and Evil hours
To the sky death released
Soul sadness
And our tender seed
Yesterday today and tomorrow
Winding as snake our seed flows
You run away and Come back
There where Life Breathes Life
The seed was cast.
I said…
Prishtina, 2000

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