Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
The steadfast sky
The steadfast sky never murmurs in gloom,
The stars stay in fix place, they never fume,
The moon spreads ovations over the earth,
Ejected shreds afford manageable mirth,
The stronghold of eccentric things,
Captures human ears, where the truth rings,
The ignition of inglorious galaxies,
Makes humans to think of new exegeses,
The extensive space never becomes shallow,
Every object is so huge but not hollow,
The ranges of hills never go away,
The immune eyes cast an indelible sway,
The boisterous flickers in the heaven,
Heaping up all the colorful light in den,
The vast space never anguishes at air,
The flow of whiffing wind seems smartly fair,
My Heaven
My heaven is your affinity,,,
Embracing beauty ….
Without distinction and disdainful difference,
Without molestation and murky indifference,
My heaven is stuffed with holy images,,
Endowments of divine powers,
Blessings in pouring showers,
The rivers of milk and honey do glide,
They irrigate the fertile field,
That displays a yearning yield,
In the golden epoch,
Love oscillates in pendulum,
Affairs lie at the hard helm,
Above the flowing sweet waters,
The skiff sails along the beautiful bowers,
The coverts constitute a thick shade,
The mystery moves along the code,,
The body and soul bear that load,
Be so bold unwaveringly,
I have told much instinctively,
My heaven is adorably amorous,
My love is cosmically precious,
My grand style is glorious,
With you,
Oh, baby!
Power of Heart
Mountains surrender under sincere love,
The stones grumble under innate move,,
The nature nurtures with soft initiation,
The sky embraces with kind jollification,
Power of love attracts the stars above,
Colors capture human eye within rainbow,
Power of love makes the ice to melt,
Beauty never goes below the belt,
Power of love incorporates the cosmos,
As entire hues do riot on the canvas,
Power of love sucks the wings of distance,
The distant parts mingle for sweet fragrance,
Power of love is a broad beacon light,
That grapples with gloom to wipe out the fight,,
Power of love is a lofty strength,
It covers up all with width and length,
Power of love is actually power of heart,
Power of heart absolutely never hurts,

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