Farida ANIS (Uzbekistan)

Farida ANIS (Uzbekistan)
Farida ANIS (Dilqush, Jahon, Sapcha, Bulbul, Adolat, Qurbon) Tursunova was born in 1968 in the Rishtan district of the Fergana region. She is a senior lecturer at Fergana Polytechnic Institute. Her three collections of poetry were published.
Farida’s creative works have been translated into English, Italian, Hindi, Turkish, Tajik, Kyrgyz, and Azerbaijani, and included in the Anthologies Blessings of a mother, 1001 Uzbek poets (USA), “Buta-4” (Azerbaijan), Scent of poem (Turkey), Turan uchkundary (Kyrgyzstan), Amaravati Poetic Prizm (India), Uzbekistan: Poesia Moderna e Narrativa ”(Italy), Flowers in the Garden of Friendship (Tajikistan).
I won’t find a friend like you even if I disown my soul in both worlds,
I try to leave that life but I won’t close my eyes within you.
The dogs bark while desiring a bone but I stay quiet,
I won’t detrude a stone for you and won’t run away while sating.
If they inflict me the wine I can’t accept it without you, my love,
Perhaps I can be fluffy of love for flowers, but I won’t strew pearls.
All our relatives flaunt their loves at the moment,
No, I don’t speak on its price if I die, my tongue doesn’t express.
I joyfully plant a sapling to the breast of the enemy to make a garden,
Acknowledge my nation, I won’t get revenge on them in that way.
Anis gets winged continuously but she is weak to fly,
I can’t soar since my hands are so powerless without you.
Come, my beloved, let’s converse on the terrace of a soul,
Give me a time my charming beloved to make up my words.
My eyes are sweeper and eyelashes defend their amber hardly,
The days won’t be enjoyable without you even if I get alone.
I know the meeting would to be so delightful, I can’t tolerate it,
I agree if you would freeze my body while making it fluffy with your beauty.
If your love makes me blotto in the basin of love,
Let me speak as the nightingale not as like as budgerigar.
I envy you even from myself while burning my soul,
Enough, let me be your slave and suffer as the cornflower.
The sorrows of Anis is huge to eliminate it as my guest,
Let me reach the castle of your sky show me your face.
I wish everybody laugh at the time you open your eyes,
I wish they would be like bow and words would be bullets.
While considering the cheating by scale is a sin,
I wish the seller would take the customer’s side.
While nobody deciding that an empty spoon breaks the mouth,
I wish people would forget subservience and help each other.
I wish the people would be ashamed of their jobs,
Those who can cost you by your robe.
Anis searches for a sincere person just like herself,
I wish the moment would come to smile freely.
I loved you as if my tongue became a captive to a sweet word,
My body does not agree with satin, chintz, or cotton fabric.
Perhaps, it is a fire of love that made me prosperous,
Except for me, no one intoxicates by the fire of the heart.
My life – pearl, my dream – light, I have numberless bright days,
Nights are not sad, they look like a beryl stone.
The withered sapling is also growing slowly in flirt,
In the steppe of my heart, spring does not allow autumn.
I am a wanderer without a decision, where I go, they murder,
Heat up in syrup pf soul, there is no place for ice in the heart.
It is fiery as your world, don’t burn as the fallen leaves,
It is difficult to describe, it is weak to speak these days.

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