Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash
Neighbourhood doe!!
Oh neighbourhood doe, whose pastures are in my sides,
Will you take care of my heart which deeply loves you,
Becomes so sad and burns by the fire of longing,
Does not like any amongst the multitudes of beauties except you
Oh neighbourhood doe, my life dream,
My heart remains anxious about you
Despite the delights, I remain wailing in tears
I anxiously spend my nights with a carefree noise
Dazzled by nothing except the magic of your spectrum
And the moon with all its pearls fails to distract me from thinking about you
Oh neighbourhood doe, my charming babe
Are you still remembering the time of friendliness,
When I was kissing roses in our fragrant love’s garden
Sleeping and waking up full of magic ecstasy,
Longing to see your smiling eyes and bright face
Feeling not the life’s splendour, seeing your eyes closed
Until I became a victim of abandonment and desertion
And saw the sun diving in the horizon saying:
Good-bye, the secrecy and confidentiality of love,
Good-bye until we meet again!!
Neighbour is an alternative spelling of neighbor. Where neighbor is the preferred spelling in American English, neighbour is the standard in British English.
In My Exile!!
In my exile,
I got addicted to killing time
So that I might forget the nostalgia to the past
I realized that time does not heal me from depression
Longing, sorrow and sadness
In my exile,
I sat as a hostage in the handcuffs of the past
The clock used to moan with complain
And whine with pain and suffering
In my exile,
Speech faded on my lips
I became an outsider in a strange world
Getting older and older
Time began to stab me more and more
To tie my soul
To tear me more and more
And to hang me on the hooks
In my exile,
My heart was jailed in seventy prisons
Prisons’ history did not show similar to them
Curbed my freedom and forced me to run with the joggers
Prisons’ history did not show a prisoner like me
I was imprisoned there
And there were no prisoners except me
In my exile,
I searched for those who imprisoned me
I did not find any of them
Although their voices were like thunder in my ears for years
I did not see them
Neither in the light of day
Nor in the darkness of the night
They were always sarcastically roaming around me
Sounding profoundly in my ears like an echoing voice
The bells ringing
And the needles pricking
Were they my faithful guardians or my archenemies who had been imposed on me?
No matter what they were and what unfairly they could do
I stayed the phoenix of myself, which is not like the other Phoenicians
I am still and will remain so!!

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