Poems by Timothy Payton

Poems by Timothy Payton
To the one who gave you birth…
The one who made you worth..
The one that held you at birth so tight…
The one who stood by you & taught you right,
The one who gave you advise,
Taught you to be polite & to be nice…
The one who will give & tell you things you may or may not like…
But it’s for your own good… wants to see you go places & heights…
The one that will love you unconditionally…be by your side…
The one who will be your best friend till you die…
The most beautiful…the most caring & kind…
The most special person…the best of all kinds…
This is your day… deserving & always…
happy mother’s day from truly yours, Mr Poetry
To the one person that’s held me tight since birth,
Who’s taught me right from wrong, for all it’s worth,
Who’s stood by me, despite my choices or decisions,
Yet always gave me advice on time like precision;
To the one who was willing to give her life, just for mine,
Who also gave me tough love, even if it meant kicking my behind,
Who’s instilled in me to be respectable and to have manners too,
And no matter the situation, I’ll always make it through;
To the one person, I know to be the strongest person in my life;
Who no matter the struggle, never gave up the fight,
To the one who’s small in stature, but has the biggest heart,
To the one who’s always believed in me, from the very start;
To the one who’s never judged me and accepted me for who I am,
To the one who’s seen me stuck and would help me out if she can,
To the one, who’s not only the greatest person, but the greatest woman I’ve ever known,
that one person is my mother, Helen Chapman, heaven sworn.
Written by Timothy Payton

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