Poem by Sihem Cherif

Poem by Sihem Cherif
once upon an autumn day
Theresa felt it was, time; to wave goodbye
She had just one worry
Her pet birds
with whom would they stay?
If she went away …….
When old age creeps
She started to stumble
Feeling a whizz in her knees
The hands were prone to crumble
She was alone,
Had no friends but two caged birds.
She began to swoon and felt that
The journey was, to end soon.
Once and again she kept thinking of her two birds
shakingly she crept to them and set the door
of the cage ajar
So that they would go out and look for their food afar
Then she fell down on the ground
sans noise, sans a sheer sound.
The faithful fluffy friends refused to go
Perched upon the fence of the house
They started to sing waving a right-wing
Drawing the attention of the passerby’s;
who know the lady and her birds.
They found it queer to see the birds so near
They headed to the house.
The lady was in her trance
Half- dead half-alive ,
In one clap she was given a quick help
To the hospital taken
The birds turned back to the cage
To be carried to the hospital where Theresa lies
It was a matter of a cluster of days
The lady miraculously opened her eyes,
Stretched her hands
worshipping the faithfulness of good friends

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