Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas
i’ve always been
fascinated by the wind
the way it sways
my hair
the way it kisses
my skin
the intoxicating
whisper of love…
“you turn me pepper high”!
and when it rains…
my silky summer blouson
my umbrella goddess
and it flirts
like how
an Spanish matador tricks
his eager bull
till moment of surrender!
__ade c.
tuesday 28 april 2020
sydney australia
weary boredom anxious
momentary fear
wish to go
to the highest peak
drain my throat with shouts
let an uncontrolled flow of tears!
unhealed wounds
drip in sadness
cry in its little nook
then i hear a whisper,
“you are so beautiful to me
you’re everything i care for”.
let me be a leaf
carried by the wind
free detached
a dot of sand
rare amongst the stone
a solipsist, ain’t i?
i bounce back, i shake off
looping tightness i weave
i levitate wander search
fragments of darkness
now plateaus
of violets and lavenders!
life is a dot
it’s not only awesome
it is deliciously appetizing
i still want to live 1000 years more!
__ade c.
9:03 pm monday 10 may 2021
sydney australia

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