Poems by Kamrul Islam

Poems by Kamrul Islam
A Silent Battle
A strange garden you are, where in
a modern Tiresias lives
with a box of prophesies,
The lyrics of mongoose
enhance the beauty of the garden.
Sometimes the garden predicts
heraldic dilemma and nightmare
coming from the insane feasts,
Sometimes weaves the threads
of the dreams of swallows
flying with divine artistry…
The images of the insomniac
squeezing sobs ,
troll out the gleaming pattern
of sleep, the emasculation
of dawn and the angling of a witch
attuned with spasmodic jokes,
exhume the theatre of the dead.
A silent battle crosses the winds
blowing through the dark passages,
The mysterious garden bewitching the
transgendered ambience of dark and light…
The Woods’ Gospel
A butterfly runs over the soft branches
of my thoughts leaning towards
your angelic face,
I have seen rains on the wings
of day-dreams of some old fairies
believing in the honesty of fallen leaves
on the desolate graveyards,
though you are still in my breath
like a binary soul of a dove that
obliquely looks at the erroneous sounds
of this mundane chaos .
In traditional gesture, if the
anatomy of love becomes a wild wave
I must welcome the woods’ gospel
brushing aside the fears of death…
Copyright@ Kamrul Islam

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