Poems by Rahim Karim (Karimov)

Poems by Rahim Karim (Karimov)
This world all the time
leads to two relativity:
Bitter, sweet,
Honey, poison.
Low, high,
Soft, hard,
Wet, dry.
Joy, sorrow,
Light and darkness,
Sun and Moon.
Earth, sky.
Male, female.
Good, bad,
Mercy, oppression.
To my grandson
If you have children, be careful, –
Sometimes nature makes a “mistake”:
There are creatures that are wounded, –
They are not human beings.
If you do good, evil will return,
Maybe it’s a byte?
There are times when there is strife in the atrophy,
They are not human beings.
Unfortunately, I saw a lot of zeal,
“I’m close,” he asked.
From the ambush he struck the dagger with a dagger,
They are not human beings.
At every step the traitor,
May my words last a lifetime, candle, lantern.
People live inside, alas,
They are not human beings.
People have gold in them,
Only the honest will help you,
Let him not be merciful,
They are not human beings!
I have been reprimanded today
Today I was reproached for
that I don’t write anything about
which would be useful for people.
That I only write about myself, about my pain,
experiences and anxieties.
About happiness, your misfortune.
About my joy and sorrow.
Why then the whole world reads me?

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