The Stain (Dedicated to Palestine) / Poem and videopoem by Dr. Olfa Philo Drid


Poem and videopoem by Dr. Olfa Philo Drid

The Stain
(Dedicated to Palestine)
Do you know that I exist
but still in the mist…
I’m the cradle of war,
the ocean with no shore
the womb of futility,
the nexus of unfair hostility
the site of bloodshed
where people are underfed
the territory of discrimination
where frustration reigns
the locus of fears
where everybody sheds tears
I’m the one whose houses are demolished
where colonization is never abolished
I’m the one whose children are slaughtered,
whose seeds are blood-watered
I’m the combat zone
where children are orphaned
yet nothing is obtained…
I’m the arena of eternal struggle
where mothers can never snuggle
I’m the one whose best weapon is a stone
while bombs are breaking our bones
I’m the one whose present is inhaling her past
whose sovereignty is trespassed
I’m the one with no fixed frontier
Where everything is unclear
I’m the one whose signifier is undefined
while each sign in language is signified
I’m the persecuted land
where buildings turn to sand
I’m the land of exhibition
of bombs and gas emission
I’m the land of freeze
where heartbeats everyday cease
I’m the stain of shame
for me, all hearts all over the world
should have burst into flame
who’s the one to blame?
can you his savageness tame?
can you his barbarism declaim?
cqn you this genocide proclaim?
can you my freedom reclaim?
Hey, my battle is not a video game !!
When shall you exclaim?
I need my borders to frame
give it a final name
this is my sole aim
all should support my claim…
Do you recognize me now?
I’m the globe mystery!
I’m the incarnation of misery
I’m the inconsolable
The incomplete
The dispossessed
The disabled
The depleted
The amputated
The displaced
The raped
The buried alive
The silenced voice
The lingering pain
The open wound
The betrayed beloved
in a word
I’m the burdened Palestine !
Let me be your Valentine…
The video poem is available on the link below.
YouTube :



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