Poems by Aarti Mittal

Poems by Aarti Mittal
Life struggles
Life struggles with life
With it’s own elements
For survival
For existence
Craving for
Humanity and love
Yearn for compassion
Devastated, devoured by life itself
The game so ambiguous
The murderer unknown
The survivor unknown
The culprit
Known yet unknown
Life the loser
Life the winner.
I walk and walk and walk
For the destination incipient new
Leaving the dwells treading to lands known ,unknown
Singing the mellifluous tunes of success and triumph
The Contagion guffaws at my innocence
My patience test my fears
My fears roll down to tears
My ease becomes dis-ease
My walk becomes wabble
Nevertheless I walk and walk
Limping miles and miles
With burning feet
To destination
Unknown to time
But known to my fate
My dwell
My home.
The hovering clouds …
The gray that brings joy…
Aah! What a bliss….
To see nature dance….
On the rhythm of the drizzle ..
and melodies of cool breeze….
The swaying greenery ….
Adding to it the intoxicating petrichor…
Waiting for the showers…..
The earthly breaths with impatience….
That touches core……
To join them….
This darkness….
With sinister lights…..
Seems beautiful…
As I think of you….
Close to me…..
The lights scare me…
As i lose you from my sight….
I close my eyes again….
It captivates me…
Am touched….

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