Lali Tsipi Michaeli (Israel)

Lali Tsipi Michaeli (Israel)
Lali Tsipi Michaeli is an Israeli poet. She immigrated from Georgia to Israel at the age of 7. She has published six poetry books so far. Attended international poetry festivals. She was part of a residecy program for talented writers in New York at 2018.
Her books have been translated into foreign languages in New York, India, France, Italy, Georgia, Ukraina, Russa, Romania, Turkish, China, among other countries. Michaeli was defined by Prof. Gabriel Moked as “Urban-Erotic Poet” in his book ” In real time” and considered innovative by critics.
The poet and critic Jonathan Berg diagnosed a new poetic language in Michaeli’s poetry and writes in Walla!: “Michaeli is very busy with the new: in the search for new ways to express and reflect reality, this is true both in the formal side and in the content related to the content of her poetry. Michaeli’s poems are not” disciplined “, the basic order that leads them is movement of consciousness and search in language of expression to that Free movement”.
In the Rabindranath Tagore International Poetry Competition she won the Poiesis International Award for Excellence In Poetry (2021).
Lali taught Hebrew language at Bar Ilan University, at Tel Aviv University and at Ben-Gurion University. She has one son and lives in Tel Aviv by the sea.
Oda on the mask
Luck stops the mobile targets
anosmics the smell of cities
And the windows close on
The possibility
once and for all
I will spread my wings and make a leap
                        For my freedom
I will free myself from the memories
And I will carry a blessing
I do not believe what you left me
Keeps me alive
If I do not create something new I have no
Right of existence
The soul dies before the body
You’re chasing me
That I succeeded
cut up
From my feet
I left your path and started
To go alone
In an unpaved road where you do not know
To spell war
I am a tribal soul
In a white robe
In your dress shrouds
Everything looks transparent and sealed
And only you
Naked from there, light bodyless
Leaving a ghostly
Frantic cursory glance
On the soundtrack of the bluebird
Nobody has caressed you in frills you’ve ordered from Chanel
Designed, cut, finished – all custom-made
The curve of your belly & line of your waist the sketch of the fabric stands on end
And I am not calmed
With you everything is new and unblemished
So much so
If it weren’t for the clogs
Translated by Alexa Christopher-Daniels

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