Minko Tanev (Bulgaria)

Minko Tanev  (Bulgaria)
Lecturer of Bulgarian language for foreign students – Medical University, Plovdiv. Author of 6 books of poetry, published in Bulgaria. Co-author of two bilingual books, poetry and haiku , published in India. Published in anthologies and editions: Japan, Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Germany, France, England, USA, Nigeria, South Africa. In the European Top 100 of the most creative haiku authors. In the anthology of the world’s best poets, 2019, Temirqazyq, Union of Writers of World Nations, included in “Songs of Peace” – World’s Biggest Poetry Anthology, 2020, Atunis Galaxy Anthology – 2021 – anthology of contemporary world poetry, “The first, second and third anthology of world gogyoshi”, in anthologies “World Haiku”. With award from “First World Poetry Competition of Newspapers and Televisions”, 2020, China.
Member of Union of the Bulgarian Writers, Society of the Plovdiv writers, Haiku Club – Рlovdiv, the Bulgarian haiku Union, The Haiku Foundation – USA, United Haiku and Tanka Society – UK, the World Haiku Association, GLS, World Nations Writers’ Union.
In memory of our heavenly best man the poet Тodor Bikov
The pavement is still wet,
and the leaves – dry –
perhaps wanderers in spirit
to predict a flight.
We are sleepy scattered at dawn
in cloudy performances –
the hopes shine pearly,
they glorify the sun .
We are transformed to breathe
the epic morning .
And God to love us
from the settlements Above.
We tore the royal cloak
of mud and bait –
we are from a volcanic bottom, homeland,
from Bogomil blood.
The sea was covered with black crepe
and the flag – also in dark waves –
the fish smashed into the rocks
of magma and caviar.
It smelled of a carrion and a crater,
of spiritualistic smoke
and the sunrise surprised us
to be intimately silent.
Then the screams of birds of prey
I divided thread by thread in your honor
and a chorus of rulers and heretics
is crowding in my hearing to this day.
God, illuminate my life, roads, visions
lightning-fast –
my hearing cry for You
and my eyes beg You.
The panting heart relies
Your star alphabet –
translates for me a heavenly parable
for mythical heroes.
The creative force pulsates
majestically and anxiously.
The candle. The glimmer of the words.
The message by the Universe.
Bright Week.
Blooming cherries
are blessing us.
Spring sacraments.
A sun lift transfers us
above the clouds
in the way to infinity.
“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words” – Edgar Allen Poe
Breeze from Colchis
brings golden tinges
from mythical seas
through the centuries.
Silhouettes of rowers
in a united rhythm
with the song of the waves.
Thracian goddess
glorifies the sun
over the breakwater.
The coastline
recreates heroes.

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