Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin
My affection of nature; turns into a lady’s love and care.
My steps stopped having you; coming to 2010,
Forgot the beyond history of the civilization;
My unborn trace becomes static only for You.
Not Slave
Bearing the heat of fervent sand,
will reach invisibly to the expected settled port.
Will jump into the profound river; not for fish, but to save a downward paper-
Of an unknown old man.
Will raise up chest as fearless battler,
against the lewd demon; prepared rapper.
Not for the purpose of ensuring any title; only to return a helpless younger ‘s wife in intact manner.
Will utter a bunch of phrases incessantly to reach them on the ears of stranger,
But only the sake of other can acquire.
Will arouse the loud concussion of dream from the hurdle of heart,
where in my complete absence; will be built his foundation stone for others.
Will put my name in the record of killer; if the civilization faces crisis,
raising Sten-gun; will take up thousands to lac lives into fists.
Didn’t come to reach to the coveted goal; didn’t prepare my feet to start the journey of self-gain.
Thus, I didn’t lay under anyone’s sandal as grasses.
Couldn’t sell myself; to the other’s mistress,
daughters, even to the other’s attractive sister in laws.
It’s not that, I haven’t eagerness to beautiful ladies-
Beauty is the best art to me,
Still in the midnight after dreaming; waking up whisper to the bolster; “Will I get such a beautiful lassie?”
I didn’t save up nothing in my destination for myself ; didn’t desire,
Because I’m not the slave of self interest.
Let any scarlet flower to come up from any unsighted part;
In the departed ground of my garth.
Let the clouds to appear from any undiscovered ocean;
Upon the emptiness of vast heaven.
Let the dreams to alight from any mystical source ;
Across my entire trice.
Let a handful moonlight to come down by delitescency;
Through my swarthy obscurity.
Let the grasses to born up peacefully;
In my desert mind.
Let the harmony of rhythm to sound;
Around my chaotic word.
Let come out euphony of a mild tone-today;
From any unknown, invisible vocal cord.
Let all the things to response;
Only by an evocation.

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