Poems by Monalisa Parida

Poems by Monalisa Parida
No Mathematical formula
Can define love on a page.
No Statician can measure it
There exists no such gauge.
Love cannot be planned
Nor can be planned
My love for you
Is set in stone
And for you alone…….
Like oxygen,
I have inhaled you
Between the pages of my life.
Where I hope you will stay forever.
After that,
My heart will find its
True love and shelter.
I don’t want to be anyone’s
Half time, down time, spare time or sometimes.
I am working
On myself, by myself, for myself
And get used to it.
Neither my pain nor my sorrow
World ever feel my tearful eyes
I love myself again and again
I swallow my agony, with a smile
My life, my soul are mine.
For all times
With a platonic love.
As a companion of lifetime.
Too tiny being I am.
I live, I die
Each day, every moment
And these days
I recollect pang.
And I know how to live
In between the pages of my life.
But my life faded
Wrinkled in the fiery summer winds.
Like a wilted flower.
O’Life! Do you turn the page anymore?
I hope,
Let my life be the sun, the moon, the stars.
And in my eternal sky, shine forever.

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