Poems by Delwar Hossain

Poems by Delwar Hossain
Don’t raise up unpleasant topic
While in deep conversation
Cloud girl sheds tears in fear
Reduced circumstances
Drop all down in frustration.
Rest satisfied with what being
Within you.
With condensed hot temper
No speech should be delivered.
Do form the habit of self control
Streams of pleasure will be with you.
My dream comes true with the speed of time.
Dream is my chum, but not time.
Time has no time to stand for me, rather it leaves me behind.
I whril within dream, shed pains in dream.
I draw compassion with patience,
Success is grown in patience.
I try to hold time for dream abode, but no response.
Time makes me grow old and let me know cruelity.
I dream not in sleep,
I dream in my sense for victory being speedy like time.

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