Poems by Jagdish Prakash

Poems by Jagdish Prakash
A pantomime of abstract desire
A prima Donna dancing on passion’s stage
A miracle turning pebbles into passions
A poem etched on Milky Way
Swinging breeze on a rain soaked night
A dream soaked in myriad lights
First word heard on the waves of creation
A smile etched on face of a toddler
I didn’t know what love is till
Your trembling lips moist with an unknown wish
Rising on a late night raga
On my heartbeats
Defined to me what
Love is !
This content is not available
Intent is
Spread over the brain tissue
Like a web
Trying to write a program on the subject
“How to fall in love”
But ending up on bold letters on laptop screen
“ This content is not available”.

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