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Caroline Nazareno, Ceri Naz to her friends and followers, is a poet, editor, journalist, public speaker, linguist and educator. She was invited as a featured poet at Vancouver Word On The Street and World Poetry Canada and International.



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The World Poetry Canada and International (WPCI) honoured Ceri Naz with the “Certificate of Appreciation for the International Peace Festival 2011”. WCPI was founded by Ariadne Sawyer, a distinguished published poet and author whose advocacy of promoting world peace through poetry has fostered brotherhood among peoples of all colors, creeds, and races. In the same year, Poetry Around The Globe, an organization headed by Lucia Gorea, Ph.D., an award-winning poet, widely published writer, literary translator and English/ESL professor, presented Ceri Naz with the “Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Poetry” as a World Poet.



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The World Poetry Canada and International Peace Festival 2013, a prestigious gathering of poets from across all continents, adjudged her “World Poetry Empowered Poet 2013”.



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Graduating cum laude with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in General Science, at Pangasinan State University, Ceri Naz pursued higher studies in journalism, public speaking and leadership. She earned her postgraduate studies in Administration and Supervision at Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, gained her creative writing workshops and trainings at University of the Philippines-Diliman, and storytelling at Philippine Normal University in coordination with the Philippine National Library. She has been a member of Division of Quezon City Schools Press and School Paper Advisers Association. Ceri as a researcher of various arts and literature, she had visited the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library of Harvard University and learned about the Nanotechnology and Aerospace at Massachussetts Institute of Technology on June 2012.

At Glendale, California, Ceri Naz was co-anchor of Manny Calpito’s Hulahok and OTUSA.TV, an internet television. A co-founder of Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim’s “2011 “i” Inspire The World Friendship Poetry Event” and also the organizer of PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY CELEBRATION 2013 at Marble Hall, National Museum of the Philippines.

Her haiku ‘’Hello Mars’’ is one among the hundreds of poems chosen and formed part of a special DVD which was attached to the MAVEN spacecraft as it journeys to Mars. A NASA’s Going to Mars with MAVEN project in November 2013.

THE INTERNATIONAL POETRY TRANSLATION AND RESEARCH CENTRE (IPTRC) published her four powerful poems: metanoia, fusion, s.t.i.t.c.h.e.d and i am peace speaking in the WORLD POETRY YEARBOOK 2013.The said book starred 211 world poets of 93 countries. She is also the official editor of THE THREE HIT COMBO. It was the first book of the famous Philippine’s Mental Assassin, Justin Piñon.











Five of her soulful poems– fill me, yesterday’s lullaby, every drop of forever, bedazzled and the one were featured by a multi-talented poet and artists Zayra Yves of Cherry Muse in their international e-zine which showcased Creative Writers, Musicians and Artists on September 2013. Another poem, ‘’ Call Me Cypher’’, was also featured in LakbayDiwa on June 2013.

On 2012, her stirring poem, “where peace can be”, was published at the New York-based blogsite and on March 2013 the same poem saw print on World Poetry E-Anthology.

So impressed, Haris Adhikari, editor of Misty Mountain Review, an e-magazine based in Nepal, featured her poem “pandora escapes unto my hands’’, on May 2012. Another poem, “the song my heart sings“, invited the attention of the publisher of KIRAZ HABERTRAK Magazine, the cultural oasis of elite Turkish poets, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and art lovers, and published it on its July 2011 issue.

Currently, she writes for the Philippine Canadian Inquirer, Manila Bulletin and Philippine Star.










Tonight is a Breakaway



I am telling the cold abandoned

Bed of yesterday

Tonight is tomorrow’s

Subservient way

To feel the cloud nine thirst and hunger

Of why is the day

Leaving again

The marriage of callous blankets and pillows

Of immaturities

Denying, disbelieving, holding back

The winds of turning downfall

The mystique of the unknown frontiers



Sides– clips of immortality

Heeding to the cliffs of behind and before

All are silent yawning destinies

Of insecurities

It is happening

When you let me feel

This is our story

To live in Xanadu

The snoring holy graves

With you

©ceri naz 2014






Jumbo mambo chum



i thought of jumbo mambo

showcase of rhythmic shaking hands

a little extra or bonus

i called simplicity

a humble tumbleweed

from the ashtray

absorbing odors

of insanity and remorse

turning into baby’s breath

in the hayfields of no blaming

no perforated lines to tear

no one is unwanted like a rebel

nothing charged nor levied

if in due time love is unpaid

i want to see faces

in a pail of water

untied from sixty-four million dollar questions

where lies have its extinctions

while rusted beliefs

were polished by understanding

if this last tissue paper

can ease fear and anger

no qualms and danger

i place these open arms

in a synopsis

my friend is Peace.

©ceri naz 2014







frozen eyes



a pact between the feelings

inner morphine lingers

the resonance of fate

breath by breath

beat by beat

killing us softly, slowly

in the menage

of ourselves

butterflies courting lilies

in this nirvana

of free flying dreams

piercing, enslaving

second by second

time after time

into the love spells

of our frozen eyes

©ceri naz 2014

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  1. Thank you so much for thinking of us! Still hope to get your award to you although I have grown fond of it and talk to it at times to keep it from being lonely. You are such a wonderful person and poet!

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