Poems by Ceri Naz


cery Naz


Poems by Ceri Naz




ceri naz blooms2.jpg

















Ui  Orbitals




standing two waves

under the perennial sky


like diamonds


by the time and distance

f r a m e w o r k s

holding each other’s odds and evens

unswayed by the lacerating diffusions



filling all the gaps

symmetry to last

to the nucleus of

L. O. V. E.



©Ceri Naz, 10-04-2011





Єmit timЭ


The momentum

Records the recycled jiffies

The episodes of memories

Reactivate the paces and faces

Of aging golden relics

From epochs of warriors

To the seasons of melting rays

As I possess the chances

Of radiating auroras

In my hands.

The clock’s grimace

Pulses the mind

To find

The remaining

Beauty of the day

As time emits

The reason to stay.


©Ceri Naz, 7-19-2014

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