Poems by Alan W. Jankowski


Alan W. Jankowski


Poems by Alan W. Jankowski



Alan W. Jankowski is the award winning author of well over one hundred short stories, plays and poems. His stories have been published online, and in various journals including Oysters & Chocolate, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal, eFiction Magazine, Zouch, The Rusty Nail, and a few others he can’t remember at the moment. His poetry has more recently become popular, and his 9-11 Tribute poem was used extensively in ceremonies starting with the tenth anniversary of this tragic event…

When he is not writing, which is not often, his hobbies include music and camera collecting. He currently resides in New Jersey. He always appreciates feedback of any kind on his work, and can be reached by e-mail at: Exakta66@gmail.com





We Shall Never Forget (9-11 Tribute)


Let the world always remember,
That fateful day in September,
And the ones who answered duty’s call,
Should be remembered by us all.

Who left the comfort of their home,
To face perils as yet unknown,
An embodiment of goodness on a day,
When men’s hearts had gone astray.

Sons and daughters like me and you,
Who never questioned what they had to do,
Who by example, were a source of hope,
And strength to others who could not cope.

Heroes that would not turn their back,
With determination that would not crack,
Who bound together in their ranks,
And asking not a word of thanks.

Men who bravely gave their lives,
Whose orphaned kids and widowed wives,
Can proudly look back on their dad,
Who gave this country all they had.

Actions taken without regret,
Heroisms we shall never forget,
The ones who paid the ultimate price,
Let’s never forget their sacrifice.

And never forget the ones no longer here,
Who fought for the freedoms we all hold dear,
And may their memory never wane,
Lest their sacrifices be in vain.






We Started As Friends


We started out as a couple of friends,
Who saw each other now and then,
Two people hurt many times before,
And afraid of getting hurt once more.

Slowly we began to share long walks,
And share our thoughts in quiet talks,
And of each other we soon grew fond,
Realizing we shared a special bond.

Hearts that harbored so much pain,
They never thought they’d love again,
Secretly wishing that they would find,
Someone to give them peace of mind.

Hearts that searched so far and wide,
For the love that went missing inside,
Souls that roamed long and far,
Wishing upon most every star.

Then one day my wish came true,
I found love again and it was you,
There was a piece missing from my soul,
You were the one who made me whole.






The Letter


I poured out every thought upon the page, 
Filling it up with all the rage and anger, 
That you have instilled inside me. 
My pen literally quivered, 
As I held it in my sweaty hand, 
Yet the words flowed swiftly, 
As venomous as any snake, 
And almost as deadly. 
As I poured the last of the wine into my glass, 
I reviewed my handiwork. 
Three pages of anger. 
Three pages of hurt. 
An expression of all you’ve done to me, 
As best as I possibly could. 
I carefully folded the letter, 
And stuffed it in the envelope. 
And with quivering pen, 
I wrote out your address. 
It was late, and I’d post it in the morning. 
I went off to bed that night. 
The next day I spent quietly around the house. 
It was cold outside, 
And it was warm by the fire. 
In the afternoon, 
I opened another bottle of wine. 
I sat pensively for some time, 
Just watching the flames dance 
Upon the logs in the fireplace. 
Amidst the crackling of the timbers, 
I picked up the envelope. 
I stare down at your name upon it. 
I take another sip of wine, 
And remove the letter. 
As I begin to read it again, 
I am reminded of everything you’ve ever done. 
All the hurt you’ve caused, 
To myself and my family, 
Comes back again over three pages. 
My blood starts to boil again, 
And my palms start to sweat. 
There is a damp thumbprint on the page, 
And the edges of the letter are damp and frayed, 
From holding it tightly in my hands. 
I lean back in my chair. 
I know I am not ready to forgive. 
I don’t know that I ever will be. 
And God knows I will never forget. 
In fact, I hope you rot in Hell, 
And if I could deliver you there myself, 
Lord knows, I would. 
But, I can never stoop to your level. 
I can never stoop to your level. 
I sit for some time just watching the fire. 
In a while, I pick up the letter, 
And walk over to the fireplace. 
I toss it upon the flames. 
I sit back down and sip my wine. 
And as I watch the letter burn, 
The sparks cackling, 
And the black soot fall upon the logs, 
I know I can never stoop to your level, 
But, there’s a part of me that says to myself, 
“God, I wish that letter were you.” 






The Best You Ever Had


All the trust we’ve built together,
Bonds developed from the start,
Have somehow been ripped in two,
Like you ripped apart my heart.

Funny how you think you know someone,
Because you lie beside them in bed,
But it’s only their words you’ll ever hear,
Not what goes on inside their head.

Now you tell me you want to leave,
With barely a spoken goodbye,
Taking your things and walking out,
And I’m left to wonder why.

Haven’t I been good to you?
So loving and so kind,
But you say you’re moving on,
Just leaving me behind.

I just have to try to realize,
To you I never really did belong,
This is something you had to do,
It’s nothing I did wrong.

So much may happen in life,
So much I’ll never understand,
So many things I’ve had to deal with,
So much of it unplanned.

I just hope someday you realize,
As you’re sitting alone and sad,
That the one you chose to leave,
Was the best you ever had.






Let Me Be The One


When life hands you so much sorrow and pain,
And takes so much with little to gain,
You’re like a train that somehow left the track,
Can we ever get the good times back?

Do you recall when the world was so new?
And there seemed no limit to what we could do,
Harking back to those simpler times,
Of children’s books and nursery rhymes.

Can you remember those simple joys?
Childhood dreams and children’s toys,
How did we ever lose our way?
Can we ever get back to that day?

Yet somehow those dreams all have faded,
Have we really become that jaded?
The only cure for lost love is a love that’s new,
The only love that matters is a love that’s true.

And here we are, two souls destined to meet,
Why should we ever accept defeat?
For us our lives have just begun,
We can do this together, let me be the one.




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