Poems by Carolyn Wolfe


Poems  by Carolyn Wolfe






Rain Poem


I dream of rain

of the falling down, laughing, vibrant energy of water

on my hair, on my skin, falling down my cheeks

like happy tears

I dream of rain

an everyday miracle

a gift to the crops

to the land,

to the sea

and to me.

I follow the laughter of water in my dreams

and wake, to the wonder of thunder…








We live our life in containers

our bodies are the container for our hearts

our homes are the containers for our stuff

it is where our containers live our lives

with others in their containers

then we count on additional containers to get

us from place to place

our cars




containers all

and all to protect and transport our container bodies

to a source point…

We dress up our containers

we revere our containers

we sometimes confuse our containers with ourselves

but I know

that no container

is me

I am free to walk among the branches of the trees

fly around the lampposts at night

or across mighty oceans

I am wild, free and container-less

and so are you….




The Tree


Yesterday they cut down a tree

in my neighborhood

a tree that had celebrated

small, fragile birds

in its branches

nurtured squirrels

weathered storm after storm

and the polar vortex

of a terrible Winter

It had twenty-one years

of providing shade

parading holiday decorations

for Easter

For Christmas

its limbs filled with lights

wind chimes swung bell-like

from its twiggy fingers

a bird feeder


among its leaves

It was full of life

and embraced all who came to it,

with its vibrant energy..

I passed by it yesterday morning

like I do most mornings

not giving it much thought

and when I returned home

only its trunk remained

its branches

littered the grass

like the bones of a skeleton

no longer green

nor full of its life force

once so strong and bright within

it died suddenly



I asked my neighbor

she answered, with tears in her eyes,

“The Management here needed room

to put in a double wide trailor, and this tree

was in the way.”

All I could think of was

I had no chance to say goodbye

no chance to warn it

no chance to witness

its last struggles

against the saw

and I wept

for the tree

and for those who had thought

it was only a tree.




What If


What if

I met the ones that I had so wronged

after I ceased to live in this world

and crossed over to the next one.

What if I faced my accusers

the animals I had eaten in my life

the injustice that they had suffered

the pain, the cruelty, the torture and the slaughter

laid bare for me to see

what if I had to bear their sadness, their despair

at being a mealtime distraction

their lives

their suffering

their dying

for me to have a lovely meal

how would I face them?

How will you?






The Loneliness of Trees


A tree is a creature of forest

it stands beside friend and foe

a community of leafed beings

old, young, saplings

each communing with each

a camaraderie of unheard voices

what then when we transplant a tree

making space for it

alone in the yard

does it grieve?

does it remember ancient forests

shared memories of tree knowledge

does it reach out to share it’s tree energy

with the beings encased in houses

compiled from dirt, granite and even old friends?

does it shiver in agony

does it long to be heard

does it weep when a fir tree

newly christened for Christmas

comes down the sidewalk

to be brought into a house for celebration

and only in dying, bring reverence to the dwelling?

What have we done?

Are we both head blind and deaf

to all beings but those born in human form?

Condemn the forests, the wild life, the brothers of feather and fur

and condemn ourselves

the trees cry out for friendship

Never knowing, that we have none to give.

and in this saddened state of being

are we lonelier than trees?


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