The Devil I Paid for Advice – By Jeta Vojkollari / The Reader’s Voice – Dorjana Stana

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The Reader’s Voice


The Devil I Paid for Advice



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By Jeta Vojkollari





Dorjana Stana: Manager, Elite Sport Academy, Albania


1.I am reading your book, I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s captivating to the point the I don’t want to put it down. I enjoy the fast, direct and short descriptions – not drawn out and very interesting. It’s a book that has grit, I felt my blood boiling while reading it and everything it’s actual. I am not a book critic, but rather an appreciative ordinary reader.


  1. The bookleft me with a very warm feeling, as despite the bitter reality, you give hope and a significant message that only with love we can heal the wounds of the past and can build a better future. Often, while I was reading it, I told myself- it’s written for me. There is nothing better than when the reader finds oneself in it, and I believe you have touched 90% of the readers (let’s leave the 10% out for modesty.)



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