WORDS / By Maria Miraglia

Maria Miragla


Poems by Maria Miraglia





Words like butterflies
I see freely fly
proud of their thousand meanings
aware they seem to be
of their might
I’d grab them now
my thought my intimate emotions
carefully to enclose in verses
but spiteful they escape
like air in the hand
quickly they go
sand through hourglasses
Patiently I’ll wait for them
maybe later tonight
they’ll no longer have the will
from bloom to bloom go
In the silence
of my room
the light on
open the window
I’ll invite them and
with a deep insight
slight a breath of inspiration
I’ll pen some lines
It’s in the deafening quiet
of the late hours
that usually they overlap
each of them aspiring
to be protagonist
But turned off the light
the window closed
a few stay on my page caged
the others are there outside
gleaming stars dust
to fill the night air
of secret messages
of things unsaid.


By Maria Miraglia-
all rights reserved Oct.2015

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