Poems by Alicia Minjarez Ramírez / Translation: Alaric Gutiérrez, Mexico

Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Poems by Alicia Minjarez Ramírez




Author:  Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Translation:  Alaric Gutiérrez, Mexico.



Longing mitigates

the drunken night,

treasuring the imprint

abolished by desire

that breaks us

and brings together,

intrinsic fire

of profane verses

under the intrigue

of shadows.


Materiality keeps

our bodies tied up to

the lunar instant

of balsamic ether,

burning desires

falling apart


the mossy seduction

of having the absolute void.


You’re dust in the breeze

of my conscious being,

bringing delightful

and melodic essences



inside hollow fruit trees

of worn out headings.

Imprecise and sharp legend

of upcoming evenings,

barking at the sap sight.


Derange me, seduce me, drive me.

Like a consonant plunging

upon the rhetorical memory,

dialect upsetting and chaining us up

beyond our hands.



dementia without sanity

defining my earthly Nirvana,

meanwhile, I belong to you

under the remote

silence glass…

By rubbing your timely






Author: Alicia  Minjarez  Ramírez

Translator:   Alaric  Gutiérrez, Mexico.


A longing breeze

tries to show itself,

like nostalgia


up in the air.


Water permeates

my body.

Your breath

fills in

the context.


Longing secrets

that the wind

shakes up in the offing,

then nothingness.


I walk behind

upon the moisture

left by the drops

under the branches.


Birds get detached

from their nests,

looking for

the promised shelter.


Church bells ring,


the night



I long to dry off

the rain,

like those birds


park trees

in the evening.


The stillness of your eyes

invades me…

Ecstatic wings,

paralyzing their flight.

At my silence’s feet.



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