Poems by Rainy Sarmistha



Poems by Rainy Sarmistha





A rainy day today

overcast my muse to ink more

Then my ink writes on the clouded sky

and my story converts into a dark night

The dusk breaks the dawn.

Then started love affairs


I scream with ecstasy

You flow within me as a tempting proximity

The waves of the sea leave

the signature on the heart of golden sand

Similarly, he leaves the sumptuous feeling in me

Between you and me there is only we

and the glorious night downpours

the thought of us to live the dusk till

the breaking of dawn.

Still, it is raining whole night

drenching our proximity

o love hold me tight.


©® Rainy2016






Pretty cool!


Thinking back to the beach

I stopped to recall the whole memory.

Admiring his graceful moments

Old and new, all of them lost in their own worlds

The waves cascading towards the shore of imagination

Again and again, the thought turned my gaze to the horizon.

Shrugging off the thought,

I walk forward.

But he suddenly appeared

And conveyed his APOLOGY.

Oh NO!

I could have predicted he was going to do that.

I smile at the CAMELLIA, that’s what I embrace in my deep conversation.

As a single leaf turns not yellow

Because for the whole silent knowledge of the plant.


The truth is I deny the past to enter again into my present.

APOLOGY is a word which consists of logic

And I simply live a life without a want or a grief.

CAMELLIA, it’s you who brings the shore of belief to me.

It is to sow seeds with tenderness and reap the harvest with joy.

And living in the now is the best way to live without any APOLOGY.


©® Rainy2016





Dear love!

It’s raining, pouring, the rains of love

add the blissful aura to the ambience

of his soul.

A darkened atmosphere, an overcast sky

greets my love at his arrival on the earth!

The soft white sands of pearl open out

into a crystal clear water.

The amazing clarity of teardrops teaches

us to be transparent as ever.

Be clear, be pure, be passionately natural.

The story of rain cannot be completed

without the man of the thunderstorm.


Yes, my love!

The signature of our love

slowly approaches the

dark ink of dusk on the clouded sky

and creates a dark night with his

paintbrush, whispering in my ear.

The down pouring of his ageless love

starts all over again and I shiver

with his forbidden kiss and teardrops

rolling on my cheek and his lips taste it all

drop by drop. Therefore I merged with him

as soil soaked the water. It’s raining again and

the nib of my pen is broken here.


©® Rainy Sarmistha 2016



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