Poems by Nalini Priyadarshni


Poems by Nalini Priyadarshni



New Songs


Heart aflutter with unfamiliar rhythms

she clings to words that tell her nothing

except that he chose to share them with her

the sounds and words that warmed his heart


She plays them over and over

until the songs percolates into her dreams

mixed with pieces of poetry

written only for her eyes


He brings to her a slice of life

she couldn’t have found on her own

and as her arms enclasp his neck

she embraces those parts of her

that illuminate in his presence


(This poem is part of Nalini’s poetry collection, Doppelganger in my House)





It is a big pond with room for all fishes,

you point out and I concede

but small fish do not rub big fish the wrong way

unless they are red bellied piranha in shoal

tearing at prey several times their size

eating it before its dead


Once we lost a tank full of caribe after a bloody hunt

to power failure that lasted whole night

and never kept any except goldfish again

mediocrity has a better chance of survival.



Lotus Heart 


Whisper me the silence between your heartbeats

Pauses between your musings

Thirst between gulps

So that I come alive

And be the fire that runs downs your throat


I relish drought your fire furrows in my throat

Revel in heart dust your echoes leave–

Then when silver drops of nectar

From your lips slake my thirst

Their elixir muses my heart’s next beat.


Sing me of the sparks that ignite new vistas

Through windows of your thirsty tongue

Pour your famine on my table

So I can be the larder

You swallow to relieve all of hunger’s pain.


I break you into a thousand pieces

Each a homing firefly between lips

Belay my rasping breath around your neck

And plunge into maya, chanting —

To forgo is to fulfill


Draw circles of anticipation around me

With your finger dipped in amnesia

Look me in eye when my head submerge

So I wake up next to you

And know you like no one does


I shatter into ripe shards bursting with new flavors

Flashing over exploring wanders of your tongue;

Your breath flickers hot across chords that hold

My head aloft deep in full dream of emptiness

Where only your smile persists


Your recall draws my edges back from fuzzy

Oblivion beneath surfaces increasingly receding;

Our deep gazes peer at each other, strong strokes

Swimming us through waves to a common shore

Where we ponder, what here can we new grow


Channels of detachment burrow deep into

Our lascivious skins and come to flowering

We hover around each other in rapture

Cavort in the realm beyond oblivion

To realize the jewel within the lotus.


(written in collaboration with D Russel Micnhimer)


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