Poems by Sunil Sharma


Poems by Sunil Sharma



Ezra’s apparitions


Ezra saw apparitions

In a metro station.

Since then

They have spread


One I saw in a Mumbai elevator.

For it, I was another one!



Their sun


On the shoulder of the road

Feet dangling, few inches

Above the rubble of a road

Dug up by a lazy municipality

Right in its bitumen heart,

Amid screaming suburban Mumbai traffic

Choc-a-block due to flouting of norms

And dug-up busy street,

Sit few old guys from the nearby slum

Soaking in the sun

On this slightly-cold morning—

Their bit of sun, otherwise denied

In that congested place dark.



Toy sellers


Under a flyover

Two families huddle

Infants swaddled

To beat the Delhi chill.

Floor between two

Columns of the bridge

Dug up, littered.

The toys suspended on

Tall bamboo-sticks

Standing against a mute wall.

Families bedraggled

Living out of torn quilts.

Toys moving in the wind

But, not for their own kids!



Earthquake different


After a quick demolition

By the municipal corporation,

An old couple retrieves bits of

Rusted shanty-home

And spend nights under the stars

Occupying the space tiny

Between demolished pavement and

A spared tree.

Their lives uprooted/destroyed

After this earthquake of different type!



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