Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn





Silence of the grave


Discriminated against even in death

The green turf for some and the concrete chill for others

Sick and weary leaves

Life on the olive branch

Degenerating into patches of brown

Lying strewn in forlorn expectation

Waiting for the silence of the grave !


Copyright Lily Swarn 27.10.2016





Autumn Ardour


Virginal  drops

of October rain

Oozing yearning streams


Smoking mists

of tempestuous ardour

Wrapped in maple syrup


Fragrant aromas

Of apple cider

Doused in cinnamon haze


Golden harvests

Of happy blossoms

Cloaked in chrysanthemums


Copyright Lily Swarn 27.10.2016



lily 1

Lily Swarn



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