Poems of International Poetry Prize “Frang Bardhi – 2016” ( english poems)


Poems of International Poetry Prize “Frang Bardhi – 2016”


– English poems



Poem Nr 1




Shall I write a poem or sing a song?

Or surf Face Book and seek a friend?

Wading through choices I just sit back

Waiting for my inspiration to shake and rock

Over a virtual smile

On my timeline


Peeping through my window

I encounter a day, dull and dreary and desolate

Seeing mayhem on the roads

Cars, buses, autos, pedestrians

Running from nowhere to nowhere

Like floating ghosts

Aimlessly, without a purpose

Or their purpose lies buried

In the headlines of smelly newsprint

Reporting murders, rapes, children being auctioned

On unknown streets of ancient cities

I pick up my newspaper

And feel the stench of human blood

Mixed with smell of gun powder

The paper cries,

“Russian bombarded Syria,

Brussels airport bombed,

Murders in Istanbul”

I wade through civilizational ruins

Through these pages

Wondering that my home could be the next

I switch over to Face Book

Searching for your smile on my timeline

Which inspired me

For writing poems, singing songs

Adding to my happiness quotient

But I do not see your brief “Hi” floating over your

Smiling face on your Timeline

I pause, A long pause, with breathe racing fast

And feel the silence growing deep inside

I go over to the newspaper again

And read a news in small print on the last page

That a suicide bomber destroyed a cluster of houses

In a small town with a familiar name

Which was your town, your home

My silence freezes over the newspaper

I close my eyes and sit back

Will I be able to write a poem hereafter?

I don’t know!!




Poem Nr 2


The night


Night bites with his black claws,

Callan birds … silence reigns.


Only heard, very far away,

the persistent barking of a dog.


The blind darkness even dreams

Forking in candelebros

to pass the sieve memories

when he yearned for a tender embrace.


And I wonder: Where dreams die?


On the lintel of the full moon

Utopias are blurred,

the stars are lit

subtle pieces of his wounds.




Poem Nr 3


The jasmine tree


There in the back yard

standing like a gorgeous lady

roots stretched deeply underground

With many branches as own happy healthy kids

Who were naturally breastfed

All the crowd admires you…….Jasmine

Especially when wearing The wedding dress

those soft white innocent flowers

O’ jasmine plant….Iam jealous

Look at you!

How proud are you……like a princess

Beautiful with a stunning fragrance

O’ my friend ! Learning from You ,patience

You never complain

In summer ,you are a queen

Converting to a simple female in other seasons

The loss of your flowers Is not a big deal,

You simply keep dancing…a graceful ballerina

Even when strong wind blows

Today,I dare and claim that competing you

will be my great challenge ..




Poem Nr 4


The Season Hasn’t Yet Returned


The season hasn’t yet returned,

We shall have to wait for a while,

We have to yet seek a pretense,

To continue breathing in the shadow

Of the pang of broken dream,

Our feet have the shoes of mud;

The hands have a bowl

Begging for the life,

The head bears

Crested turban of grief,

We have to prop against

The wall of grief,

Wrapping our bodies in the dress of dust,

And have to wait

For the arrival of Spring,

For whom we built houses

Out of the wreckage of our own existence.

We shall have to wait for a while.

On the roofs of the houses,

At the thresholds,

And in the empty streets,

Shrouded silence yet guards,

With dagger in hands,

In the exemplary venue,

The prodigious palace is guarded,

On the blue floor of which,

A multitude of ministers

Standing in queues like slaves,

Bending hollow heads upon chests,

Adjoining palms of hands,

Breathes in loyalty of its master,

They talk in a discordant tone like beggars

Neither lives nor dies.

See for a while!

See across the gigantic mansion of the venue,

The Wind is buckled,

She has been knotted,

With nude branches of futile trees,

The crumbs of golden sunlight of winter,

Have been thrown upon the roofs,

Of high mansions of the city,

For the kites and crows,

From the radiance of a flower,

To the evening star,

Whatever the fond heart inherits

Has been brought in chains

Like the prisoners of Euphrates and Syria,

Before the master and ministers of the palace,

The porters have shut windows,

And locked the heavy doors,

The season of pain,

Sunken in mournful colours,

Stands motionless,

Outside these windows and heavy doors.

Begs for appearance to get,

Favor of the master to embellish

Its delicate existence with flowers,

It also begs for the pleasure to bind the anklets,

On the chained feet of static and silent wind,

And then it wished to set it free,


The magic of season will require time a little more




Poem Nr 5




I counted the sound of silence

wailing that marked the sun


on the ancient ship

two verses, two pieces

memory incised on the prow


I was born a forgotten earth

wrapped in the dust of cosmos


in the old book childish images

lemon blossoms


My sky painted with water colors

faded light-blue


as with innocent eyes

I gazed the world of dreams




Poem Nr 6




My optics is full of tearful lake

When I sight view with a eyes of lake

Into the country that suffered of woe

A country flooded of poverty and nourish souls the conterminated foods

Where stream drains the heart of human

And heart suffered of what to nourish


I gaze with a terrible view

Of this great country of Haiti

Suffered in earthquake and flood

Evils calamity befalling on them

Shelters is a rag there put on as raiments

Food refuses to nourish their tum

There’re in a blink of an eyes

A terrible earthquake is what rain on them day and Night



This harrowing anguish and suffering of this country haiti

Has makes the streets filled with corpses

And blood running from underneath rubble

Children lamenting for their parents

Sound of dying vox pervading the darkness and Night

Horror hundreds of thousand people engulfed by suffering.




Poem Nr 7




Where, in that space

that chest you play hide and seek?

In my memory from the past, I look

scenes draw my wishlist

you perfect molding …

and I know you do not exist so as ideal, so romantic.

More does not matter, I think, until I feel

staring at my

with your thinking in my memory.

Wondering who will at that time

then I stop

I leave aside the fantasies and return …

In the solitude of my cold days

waiting to see the love from afar.

As a spectator, without flying without wings as it flies.

when you love and are loved, that pleasure largest

feel the warmth of a hand and feel touch the sky …

Blessed are those who carry it in

They look at the world of two

smile with two mouths

walk together, they enjoy slow.

Where are you ?

cold, snow in here

Sleep with your hands coals

inns in my warm body.

And life up, and silence dies

and born or reborn

another being, that her hair fluttering in the wind.

Where these love where?

What I look and do not find you?





Poem Nr 8


Sinful Soul!


Sinful soul, I’m sinful soul!

Creepy sins, I do that whole;

Hurt an angel, Criminal my mind,

Sharp excuses, Just I remind!

Sharpness of my sins, half way I’m sick;

Through out of that things, that was I think!

No matter of that scene, nothing to that sync;

Dark devil has wings, divine angel has wind!

Sins of my own, nothing do by warn;

Burden of my own, how heavy of my barn!

Silent of the crown, bloody speaks from crow;

My sins to be hard core, my soul is now soft core!

All sins done my own, I regret from my own;

Creepy things I done, many hearts I burn!

I regret from my soul, how heavy of my barn!

Affected of my sins, how sinful Soul I’m!




Poem Nr  9




Let me ..

fly in your passion


was tired my

In your paths

Out cry  alone

Whenever candels

are besieged,

Your name

Haunted me

Follow me..


I remember you

wearing my face

I search my

memory bag

about the remains

of smile


Mend All hands Spirits

Drops to you!!




Poem Nr 10




Your benign love glows

Like a million lamps from high above

When you smile benevolently on your

Mortal beings

The rivers of bounty gush forth in

Jubilant abundance at your bidding

The ages old parchment of my wonder struck soul

Uncurls in waves upon waves of humble supplication

You never let me down O Supreme Power !

The largesse you bestow upon my thirsting ever parched being

Is munificent

The showers of Your benign mercy

Enslave me as I walk in enchanted


You clasp me to your abundance in mystical swirls

Praising you seems too meagre as I chant Your Name

Keep me safe in the palm of your hand for I am merely

A beggar in tatters at your pearly gates !




Poem Nr 11


I‘ ve got you under my skin


I did not want to silence your heart

but the dawn intimidated the night

although the soul drank in your sight

and the faded moon and capricious veiled

Brashly memories that swing

mixed with black coffee bitter awakening


I have you under the skin, and the thought that flees

as a tree depended on the step of a clear sky,

I do not escape

warm wind that moistens the shards of glass hanging from the heart

in ink traces which the mind yes and surrendered


I did not want to silence your heart

but the day breaks the magic of the night

like the sea, the wind- driven waves on rocks

and shells brashly memories and wonder which tells the love


Speechless are the memories that I have

They distract me from the heart and seek refuge

there, in your whisper under my skin

I stop to listen to the song …




Poem Nr 12


The courage of the losers


He has big eyes …Ismael

a parched mouth Ikrahm,

a ringing voice Aziz.

They are far from the train of the wind

the English Kindertransport

when the war afflicted Europe.

They are the kids on the way

The innocent eyes of  today,

the lambs sacrified to the cross

by land and  by sea

those we see parading at the tv news

we the servants of Charon,

we”the civilians”

we hostage of indifference,

victims and possibly accomplices

of a similar addiction..

We are on the edge of the path

crowded with outstretched hands,

we… we are motionless

with our hidden little arms

that do not essay to offer any help.

He has big eyes …Ismael

a parched mouth Ikrahm,


a ringing voice Aziz.

Din of bombs

in their memories,

at the foot sores

chilblains and hands.

The baton of the guards

spares no one,

It is worse than the swing of the tides,

It seems the hunger of sharks.

Poverty, famine, epidemics.

Ismael, Ikrahm, Aziz;

To go, to stay, to come back

The civilized Europe has invented

a deadly device:

the refugee camp

to make us accustom

to the diaspora of the Lambs

to the obtuseness of our minds

to the unmathed  courage of  the losers.




Poem Nr 13


The Journey Freedom


Hidden In between the silence , I`ve seen your scars I travel up yonder way.

In the Valley below, over the Mountains.


I stare through a tiny glare over looking the hill by the bay.

I had the same dreams as you.


Perhaps from the same journey freedom way

I look upon Lady Liberty.


With thoughts convey I sat In my struggle

Like my ancestors before who travel on ships

Aboard from across Mother Earth.

Across the sea ,


I stood In the hands of grace my tears were heavy

But I held my Head



The Journey made me tired , I felt the peace of God

He kept me awake  I stood stead fast In my silence

My tears were heavy along the way. I look ahead my

faith overcome my fear I stood In the hands of grace




Poem Nr 14




Some will leave their traces, in this world

Some won’t be satisfied with anything.

A grave of somebody

Will mention about its owner,

A word of somebody

Will be left after somebody.

All will desire

To leave any word in this world.

The centuries will cause to forget them.

The false castles made of lies

Will be destroyed.

The people will know everything

They will reprobate after knowing.

The fires will be made

For the guilty past.

They will choose only the words

And will keep only them..

And ..and they will recognize me

From my love!




Poem Nr 15




What goes around this town?

I see the pain


The sorrow in this land

The children killed because of the greed


Oh Jerusalem

Dying many times in silence

No one heard her screams


The blood inside that holy place

The place of prophets Christ and Mohammed


Oh Jerusalem


What goes around?


The stones vs the guns

The guns vs the stones


Oh Jerusalem


I see only the blood


Oh Jerusalem


The land of sorrow

Her children die because of greed

And no one hears their screams

The blood inside that holy place

The place of prophets

Christ and Mohammed

Oh Jerusalem

What goes around?




Poem Nr 16


“victories from the unnecessary tremble”


if i am a banana, an artist would colour me in

yellow, green, red, whatever…

my fibrous sweetness isn’t pronounced


as a writer my lyrical sculpturing would be unlimited!


my thoughts my perceptions can’t cease

until i have sharpnelled the last drop

of flickering light that dwells within it…

digging the controlled mists of joy,

the mimed sadness.


in my sleep i shut my eyes

my lingering anguished soul traverses from hills to hills hoping to rest a crept of joy,

drip my fear anger to be carried by the passing wind…

that perhaps, even in a wink of an eye, i would feel Peace!


you whispered, “i am You, created in my image,

ahhhhhhhhh… no one, can ever ever ever stain you with distress… i have ascertained your exact voidness,

your specific role, your final exit, how when why…

should you fill your life the unnecessary  tremble?”


my semi-conscious mind; in my window of virtual dream

i felt the sensation of your touch; my body being submerged… impasted into a scented lagoon of lemon grass,

the impermeable infinite externality,

a disc of permanence equated me to a new moi!


now i know, my time is ascertained

like a canvass of art

it’s finished completed and is hanged at the wall

no one can disfigure it

i shall not worry… i am victory!




Poem Nr 17


Magnificence behind madness


In the lordly trance sitting unaided

With dew drops, rain and snowflakes to come.

I wait-

Pleased moon peep from the pleasured heaven

I perceive your oncoming steps of eagerness

It is day but I see the stars and moon

As if they ruined the law to see us together

Desired to be the witness to our adoration

I do see you walking with steps agile

Me draped in pretension

Lest emotions be let out

Viewing in desperateness- your approach

Warm breadth grows uneasy but not cold

Flowers, leaves and bud nod impressively

Envisage our spell in love

I gaze deep into your senses;

a gush of emotion rock my soul

I feel your eyes tying me in chains

Your breathe liberating me

Your touch evacuates me of my own existence

I lose my own self-

Like sand tightened into a fist, slipping away

I stay awake like the sweltering lantern overnight

Stare at the star and moon as a drunken maiden

Holding you as if embracing my own self

Quench the thirst in eyes

I grasp you as the deity of passion

Wash your feet with tears of love

Your kiss fragranced with aroma of faithfulness

Burning hands caressing my cold feelings

You wake me up with the magic wand of love

The motionless mountains –

Stationed for centuries in isolation move

Skipping spring with agile steps rest

The memories of pain gets washed away

Your hands fragranced with sweat, with love

Why are we mortals? I question the creator

Why don’t we turn immortal once touched in love

As the thirsty rain runs down

To meet the embracing earth

So do I, wait in dryness

For the rain of your sensational passion

Cushioning me to liberation.




Poem Nr 18




When I found him lying on the ground..

He was the only one who always…

Treated her princess…

With lots of love and crown..

My heart was opulent.

With treasure of his love in my life..

He taught me ethics and love the people around..

He was the one…

Who understands the unspoken words of my eyes…

His love was special for me..

Because I was the laxmi of his house..

I was just 19 when..

I lost my father…

Duties and liablities..

Came on my shoulders..

At this age mine…

My friends enjoyed life..

I worked for the stomach of my family..

Which engulfed in tears..

We lost the pillar of our life…

At the age of making love notes…

I worked day and night..

No knowledge of melliflous…

No flow of love…

I saw in others eyes..

Only the sympathy flows..

Which showed me weak..

But I collected the courage..

I want respect not sympathy..

Try to prove my strength…

Jovial movements shared by my father..

Only made me cry..

He was a joyful person…

Enjoyed each moment of his life..

Teaching of my father..still vibrates in my ears and pictures in my sight.

Made me opulent with his love….

Which I have kept safe in my heart…

Melliflous in my thoughts…

Made me tender and love all expecting nothing…

Just believe in giving..

All my experiences shared…

Nothing hidden in my heart and mind..




Poem Nr 19


Hart bitting for you


We are ready tp love

Look at me and will

Do tho same

I want to give you

Happiness for ever

And ever


Good bless our love

It’ s a true love

Like any other on

This world

Love me tender

Love me do!!!




Poem Nr 20


The Inception of Creation


Someone scratched groove nuances

and discovered an invisible realm

hidden within the tumultuous sea of lunacy.


Clouds are the cotton vessels of serenity

and rain the spilled ink of a tearful sky…

The swirling galaxy of artist’s fancy

can bend the rigid wings of reality,

unleash the anger that resides in silence.


Someone yearned the spark that lights the fire

and planted some little seed of spirit,

staying motionless in his eternal truth.


Sunbeams shrivel in the subdued night

while the moon resembles horizon’s smile.

The whimsical sound of the wind

wakes the blind beholders of dreams.


Vibrancy is essential for ideas to pop up,

even if creation is dolorous as premature labour.

A verve soaked quill carves traces of thought,

reveals lost reflections of a shattered mind.


Life is the blank verse poetry of existence,

without metaphors or daring similes.

Imagination gives an evanescent rhyme,

fills the void of our own definition.


Someone said that genesis is the late start of nothing

and the early end of everything.

We are just an empty canvas

waiting for a self-portrait

full of vivid colours and sharp lines.


Find a proper paintbrush,

a magic wand of inspiration,

and forcefully drag it over the pale white.

This is the inelegant gesture of creativity.




Poem Nr 21





“My night is above the eternal time”



strengthens the night


Time shakes its cocoon

unravels the intelligence

and silk ingratitude


Time is a terrible temper:

pouring cascade of

foaming objects



reads soul

on the lectern of uterus.



“Noone can close the door of night”



Unraveling judgement

from the bossom of days,

sews with fire


Mirror of existence,

Shahmaran, swallowing its tail


Darkness has closed the doors,

reclined its own order



is a long cord

around the neck of universe



“Moon rises above the bones of night”



There are no days of fire

crescent covers her skirt with night


Copper sickle shows no mercy

reaps faller necks avidly


What can temper cover

during the dawn

scratching your face?


Crescent is a poniard

with mute larinx


It is not asked to night

the curse of shadow



“We think when the night is silent”  



Night is merciful,

it fixes the sliding stars on ice

to the hair of trees


It buttons the collar of the day

looks tired to the morning


It knows who has left his breath

this reality smelling

sandalwood and amber


At night,

everyone believes

into what foresees



“The night was going and coming in between us”



Night undresses its color

on the silver grass



The whistles expand

wet whispers

the earth grow


The vagabound wind

remained from ancient summers

rubs tamarisk with scented oils


Night is blameless

its arms are thick

and soft


In night,

the atlas of skin

is infinite



“Night decends on the wall as a scorpion”      



The border that separates man

from the city believes that

the night is a sharp scissors


Where do the rails recede

how silent two trains

cross reciprocally?


Why are the cities

traversed through

the night so similar?



enters every heart

through the same door



“I saw the vessels of sky ”



Night cascaded:

the sky cracked!


Glass mares in the streets …


Relaxed spring!

metal insect in the bed

of the night: civilization!


While the reality dries on

balcony rope, we accept natural

the gods and the prohibitions


No morning can save

from the precipice where

the night threw the city



“You descend slowly down the stairs of the night”       



The wings of the night open heavily:

draw a silk veil over face of the sky,

the tumultuous mouths of insects


Be patient,

everything changes in one night,

each grief turns into boredom;


The profuse pain

that melts the heart

certainly stops in one night,


Love looks like the night

it is incomprehensible without traverse;


Every grief is obvious

every night is accustomed but

night shows no mercy to human



“You have gone through the night”      


Is night iron, does it

melt in the blaze of speech?


Why is this pitch-darkness,

even passing through the fire

humanity does not see its face?


Isn’t the one separating tenderly

the shadow from the night

afraid of trying desire?


Night is a hole net

in which time fills past

bears no answer to any question


Everyone goes through the night

yet the night remains in nobody



“You were the voice, the night has started with your voice”        


A handmade night, embroidery

at the vestibule, madder

summers, childhood memories


In the backyard

the ram heads cut off

fireside hungry street


Under the pillow celebration

shoes, loose

satin dresses


Alas, when that time passed!

where are the ardent

hopes of childhood?


Nights are brewed in the jar of patience

now, scratching the silvering of grief

with their broken knife



“Extinguished stars remained instead of eyes of whom lived before us”


There is no other night darling,

leave it as it is, in a mess!


The night is a burden on our breast

a stone shirt on the sky


That’s enough ! confrontation

with the night is sufficient,

reality sharpens to fine down


Every night is forgotten somehow

and recalled when

the time is right


Another night is not required darling,

leave it as it is, remains the rest!




Poem Nr 22


All, that you are


All, that I am,

Losing on you!

Is the fight;

Inside myself for!


The sentiments and;

Feelings! I generally-

Felt for you.

All, that you are,

Accomplishing for me-

By being with me-

Is making me hard,

To give me a chance-

To loathe you!


All, that you feel,

For me, I know it!

Indeed, even before you;

In spite of the fact-

that you generally-

perused my eyes, my look-

in the way, human can!


Thought I don’t know

Where we meet in our lives?

Be that as it may,

at whatever point we’ll meet.

I would value the-

Each minute with you.


Far from my property,

In the remote land.

where! you live,

Despite the fact-

that through your eyes!

I experienced passionate feelings-

Your property and your life.


In any case, I now came-

to realize that there-

are ten million,

Approaches to love as you!

got me head over mends,

for the present and for ever.




Poem Nr 23


Amongst women

( women’s dilemma)


It is one between

Mysterious mystic

Quite immeasurable

Like fog, cloud,thunder

Between sky and earth

Like a bronze twilight

Between day and night

Instant as these moments

With expectations in centuries….


It’s capable of dilemma

Pushing the doubt to the brink

Between hell and paradise

Like fear

For anything, of something

From nothing and everything

Like a thin thread in equilibrium

Where the soul hangs


This middle

As thirst, stutters

Like life and death

Like a crucified Viola,

Between red and blue

Like a heel at the door step

And the other on the side


Like the air

Oppressed in skin

One amongst

Sacred as life

Cursed as life

We are created and sacrificed

The world…






Poem Nr 24




Look at us gently

0pen your heart entirely

we shud have had stay just like that

sweet and charm we dart

no other than lead everyone’s heart

to uphold the world online  we define

we are healthy and fine

yet we forgot to say thanks

as love ahead and sorry no need to have said.

We’re lovable and still we grumble

but that just to say we cared and always struggle.

As women we’re preety

but then is it too much compatibility

fear not and just be known

that we’re fully grown

had a beautiful life of our own

as women in our  daily life line

like to wave the words of mind

In a poetic phrases  thats sublime…




Poem Nr 25


Lonely Moon


Moon of unforgettable nights

Only you know of my existence

Only you are witness of my sorrow

Only you understand what I’ve seen

And in my suffering, you come with me.

Moon that night these present

Because they don’t know your virtues

Fall in love with your glow to the lovers

You’re the reason of nostalgia

Where to take refuge in your light

To remember past loves.

Beautiful moon and pure and with your charm

You get the most wonderful nights

Sweets for the eternal lovers

Who want to catch up with you always.

Splendid Moon never stop shine

Because your feeding the love

Das Shine to the sad night

To accompany the lonely

In their long nights

Until your new dawn.




Poem Nr 26


Hallucinated Irony


Last night, I tied a knot,

To slay and defeat myself.

I could see the loop hanging

In front of my lachrymose eyes.

Unctuously it called my cumbersome mind,

And promised that it would help,

In atemporal expungement of its weariness.

Following the footsteps of my unwieldy mind,

I stood up on the table,

With a placid and tranquil perception,

Counting on my last few minutes.

I wore the wreath of death around my neck

And tightened the knot against my nape.

Then a sudden woof by the hounds,

Gave my heart a jolt and lurch

And my feet slipped off the table.


I realized that it was a kenned illusion.

I just hallucinated death.




Poems Nr 27




when the carillon

strikes the hour

I count the rings

in the marrow of their bones

as they fall

one by one


they have propped the vault of the sky

with the skin of their palms

parchment lined

with the calligraphy of yearning

maps of bravery in the war

and of ardour in times of peace


they have baptised their children

and buried their dead

with the sap of the earth

which they moulded

into cradles and altars

into tales

of birdwomen luring their lovers

to cast them

in armours of light

and heralds

of new unions

with peregrine tongues


and when the sun tires

of the mirth of the day

and the shadows unravel

into filaments of obscurity

I shall bury them

one by one

counting the crowns

in the mark of their bones.






Poem Nr 28




To accept your swollen shame,

Illusory reputation,

Formal tradition,

Unstable knowledge,

Unclear facts of non-planned defeat,

accelerating presence – dilatory past,

Missed call,

Fuzzy thought,

An essay from the times of fire and volcanoes,

Shrinking size and

Enlarging significance…

To sail in on the glass ship!

With chipped memory,

Followed by music.

To pick up the fruit of inspiration.

Legend about rituals during festivity of leaving homeland!

To cry without emotional illusion and unstable memory!

To sail on by the glass ship,

To exchange divine dreams with dignity!

To intoxicate with the sides of the world which are going to occur…

To be the victim of the short century!

And not to experience a half of the pleasure.

The flowers are opening their petals craving for nostrils.

With the imposed stability

We left the small trails on the roads of life.

Maybe we could revive in some descendant!

Optimism gives strength to persisting knowledge.

Patience leads to taking offence.

The day of new faiths is rising!

Eyes made of glass craving to glow.

Evaporating scent of the urinated hourglass.

Flash of the jewelry is mocking human greed.

Handmade items are not based on simplicity

Of inner happiness, but the treasure of truth.

To water the tree of life with laughter!

By exalted content, the poem made of glass

Will cruise together with the sailor of the glass ship

To the bay on the other side.

Glass woman is sailing across the crystal sea!



One thought on “Poems of International Poetry Prize “Frang Bardhi – 2016” ( english poems)

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