In the ample desert of EGIPT

Everything is dormant, tranquil

Life slowly follows the script,

Air in its awe, remains still


The sky is free of a cloud,

Life walks, pacing alone

Dessert animals calling aloud

They’re free… dry to the bone.


A couple of thirsty lovers

Skim each-other’s souls,

Like low flying plovers

Atop the suds-foamy shores.


Air moves sand at will

A lover uses a full fist,

Spreading passion as a thrill

And scented love in the mist.


On all the vast dessert

Bellow the blue sky…

The sun scorching oasis

Provokes the love to arise.


I open my eyes…

My feet caressing the sand,

Was I sleeping in fog?

Was I holding my lover’s hand?


In the wasted life of the dessert

My blood left stipples engraved…

Marking the blue sky in my soul

With fickle scars well saved.



A man…

Rehmat Changaizi



God made me a man

With eyes, nose, mouth…

Hands to point East, West, South

And a face to look that direction…!

To wander in a cloud

To try to see if mud

Is thicker than blood…


I am working among human

Concealing the powers of my mind,

I have hidden secrets under the sands

From evil ways of mankind…!

My activities are only my thoughts

Wanting to travel the world

In a customized plane,

I only seem to end my dreams

Kneeling in front, or near my fane


Some ideas are rising

Behind my tired soul and body!

They cleave in dancing smiles

As the day rises as a new day…

I try to escape from this world

And as I become a bird

I fly away to eternity.



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